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  1. ok m8s , coffee time here 5:20am, our beloved leader Decomp. has given me choice of 1st pick of players or 1st matchup - I've opted for 1st player pick > Andy
  2. it is all about the glory for me, not sure about the hole part though, I despise blind dates
  3. oh, he lost an account bet .. who was the forum opponent or is he gone too ?
  4. Appreciate the turn-out guyz, we need more, ... you got forum buddies here not yet in the party ? ... recruit, recruit, recruit plz, BEG you too ... it's really a well-run cool game of mostly chance -
  5. damn, we need every playa, ok we need someone to step up here .. c'mon give it up ? bigdw, Freddie, Rasta, Smoothie, Sobre, Canpass .... ?
  6. I don't think Weidman can take another loss now & be ufc viable, Souza vs Weid is a good fight doe, I'm there
  7. What year is Velasquez scheduled to return ... I believe Alistair has 1st dibbs >rematch<
  8. the way I read it, this is all RS's camps idea & they're running it by the ufc
  9. Romero/ Brunson/ this entire division is the B-team, look at their loss columns,
  10. interesting/ good match-up, both were on the fade, I would expect close odds, maybe like -115 / -105 RS ... Souza would have showed better than Branch yesterday but politics rules the market -
  11. Brutal, you mean Petition to get Lesnars azzz kicked, he's +280 vs Bones/ .... https://www.bestfightodds.com/
  12. this is going on for 3 days and nights now, much violence unbridled during the pm hours-
  13. Usman ko'd a cagey mutha, impressive for a Titan commentator, ..KU prolly the fav here unfortunately & I don't see UFC wanting this ...
  14. JJ Dillon, Slick Rick, Ole, AA, & Tully ... & many more
  15. I remember him as a manager way back circa '87 Heenan w/ 2 of his Horsemen, Double A & Tully Blanchard (master of the Slingshot suplex)
  16. .. so if he loses the tournament but Tony wins, he can choose a bugeyman av ? ... maybe eating poop on youtube would be better for the losers
  17. we need a mantra, as a former member of team-takeover from the olde days here ... how about #teamtakesoverrow# other suggestions welcome as I am morning horny & not thinking on all cylinders -
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