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  1. ... even this is more interesting than 24/7 Irma/ Harvey coverage
  2. widespread coverage by all networks as I post now, BLM chanting their " kill cops " thing ...
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1208340/Angry-St-Louis-resident-slams-Bl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPBnO84KhbU
  4. It's on, minus Alves, Sanders, & Arantes > 7:30 prelims starting w/ Burns/ Saggo FP
  5. Bezerker101

    Ronda Browne?

    ... bcoz of her supposed Hollywood career lel, I would say she will always be a Rousey
  6. Bezerker101

    Ronda Browne?

    career endind decision, or when Hapa accepts fight w/ Volkan
  7. just watched weigh-in, .. meh .. I thought Rockhold looked meatless, not a lot of biceps going at this Pittsburgh event - maybe just Usman Our forum- tourney may be a bigger event & more interesting than the actual fights
  8. good luck champ, should be interesting -
  9. good odds on dawg Canelo, gonna take an online flutter ... he showed good patience, timing, & power vs Khan last year... hopefully evolving, I don't see GGG evolving, seems unable to effectively cut off the ring vs lesser opponents & looked low-volume ... yeah, Canelo by close decision -
  10. ... boxing has an opportunity now, but they are in no position to advance, I can remember when Tuesday Night fights on the USA( Sean O'Grady) channel & ESPN's Friday Night Fights (Al Bernstein) were the highlights of the week ... The UFC has a niche, but it seems they are willing to trade 1 hardcore mma fan for 3 casual fans Personally, I'm looking more forward to GGG/ Canelo than the Pittsburgh card. UFC low quality cards are just a betting or DraftKing opportunity for me , it's mano y mano & you get the result in 15 minutes as opposed to football or basketball or even boxing -
  11. flyweight & womens mma , just not watching anymore, De Randamie/ Holm & Nunez/ Shev were 5rd disasters imo, they literally look afraid to engage for what ever reason
  12. he was the trunk-rider after calling the Pesh a shoe-shine boy in Goodfuggas' remember the burial scene ? that was FV's carcass -
  13. DraftKings fighter rankings : Rockhold .. 9300 Gillespie .. 9400 Usman .. 9200
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