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  1. Maxim Dadashev dies from brain injuries suffered in fight with Subriel Matias http://www.msn.com/en-ph/sports/more-sports/maxim-dadashev-dies-from-brain-injuries-suffered-in-fight-with-subriel-matias/ar-AAEKXra?li=BBr8Mkn&ocid=ie RIP -
  2. checked out an old Bronson/ Marvin w/ Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) - excellent
  3. ... the Black dude from Louisiana lost me the minute he said "acksed"
  4. ( Democrat ) Chris Wallace declares this hearing is a "total disaster for Mueller & Democrats" -
  5. Mueller looks clearly shook, sounds strokey, .... he knows he fooked up lol
  6. increasing the landslide election victory -
  7. God's way of saying, "Enough w/ the social media already !" * that girl in the pic has a nice hiney -
  8. I'm all in on Reyes/ Weidman - ... both attended college on Long Island - Hofstra vs Stony Brook
  9. while we're at it - what's a Sarah Frota and a Yoshinori Horie ?
  10. lol, I originally thought you meant Boris Becker, but u meant Boris Johnson .... I was aware he won, but I didn't know any of his bio. ...born in USA, in fact, .. NYC/ UES, heavy democat area, you gotta be Trump rich to live there - yet BJ is a conservative - the guy sounds ok to me , ?
  11. 4 dirtiest beaches in America ( study is based on dangerous bacteria levels ) -
  12. West Point classmate of Pompeo -
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