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  1. Trump raised over $20 million last week using mailers, you really are in desparation mode judging by the crap you post -
  2. The RCP average taken from the top 10 polling organizations as of July 12/18 has Clinton up 2.7% nationally, LA Times has Trump up 1%, .. Rasmussen has Trump up 7%
  3. Ok, lets try this, .. what are you implying in post #98 ? Posts from Sanders' supporters no longer carry any weight, not to say they ever did, ... but more so now -
  4. Your statement implies that supporting Trump over Clinton would bare a lack of integrity, ... that would be indirectly referencing Clinton ?
  5. Ok, let me understand this ^, you're using the word integrity when refering to a Clinton ? ... Is that the road you're cruisin' ?
  6. C'mon junior, surely you realize when you have 2 flawed candidates, it's all about the lesser of two evils smfh -
  7. Yo, earth to bimbo > "biased" ? ... it's a ******* presidential election, it's all about bias, every psycho-lib post on this thread is biased . And Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretions vs Trump's are incomparable, Clinton could rape an infant & liberals would still vote for Hillary, Trump doesn't have that luxury with conservatives .... biased, hell yeah -
  8. If it had any bite, the dems would have run with it already .. I've never heard it mentioned on any newscast . ... hell, the RNC "Dump Trumpers" would have made the story known -
  9. All this^ vs Hillary's record as a First Lady, NY Senator, & Secretary of State, your stating opinion on a candidate w/ no political track record vs a candidate with a failed political track record & Bubba's baggage to boot -
  10. ... that is deep man ^ ... apparently
  11. You're either in panic denial mode or daft, do more research .. especially about Pedo Isle, he never denied it because of the countless witnesses that accompanied him on the flight to the island 26 times & he never filed suit to combat the scandal, plus one of his closest friends is a convicted child molester & you want to put this sub-human waste in the WH ? And ill gotten legal profit vs Hillary's failures > Russian reboot, Benghazi, blatantly lying to the American people on a consistant basis about her server & classified emails .. I could literally go on & on for 2 pages . You sound like an a-typical lib that's voting Hillary because you simply don't like Trumps persona . You need to totally re-think your existance here before you proliferate, seriously -
  12. That's ok, Mobama scoffed it from Nancy Reagan (RIP)
  13. ... must really suck having a biker gang with only 3 bikes
  14. Should be no problem, illegal immigrants vote regularly -
  15. Every expat here has pimp fever
  16. ... been up 24hrs doin' data-entry for a friends escort service, it\s so embarrassing - yeah, nothing on here also dammit ...
  17. You're watching the convention lol, .. isn't Hyacinth Bucket, Victor Meldrew, or Frank Spencer on the tele now ?
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