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  1. breaking : DOJ letter to Nadler > "AG may invoke EP over subpoened docs" and Appeals court allows Trump to keep asylum seekers in Mexico, for now By TED HESSON 05/07/2019 09:04 PM EDT https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/07/trump-asylum-seekers-immigration-1412997
  2. me too, in fact, I would have emptied the clip
  3. Sims under criminal investigation for this idiocy, sick Penn. Rep., dude hangs out w/ Buttigeig
  4. 3rds in Brazil, .. hoping KG murdalizes him but Silva can win 2rds on the cards in Rio I'm sure - I'm already seeing Silva @ +110 on some sites ...
  5. .... so I'm thinkn' ,possible opportunity to cap a parlay w/ some decent odds, Cannonier is 4-4 ufc, his win over Branch means little after Joker's 45 sec annihilation, ko'd by Jordan in 1, .. lost to Blacho - unimpressive paper here ... and now he's facing the legend in Brazil who went 5 w/ Adesanya in Australia @ 234 reality check - Cannonier is the -160 fav. in Rio ....
  6. I wonder where he's working tomorrow -
  7. 9 out of 10 illegal aliens when asked - " how did u learn how to cross the border illegally ?" ... answer "youtube"
  8. Anybody that doesn;t think Biden is an idiot, ..is an idiot, ... he's such a moron, he actually made Obama seem intelligent -
  9. yeah, it was done well, .. just not my thing though
  10. started it, paused it, .. thinking about it, fell asleep ... Malkovich would obviously be the only reason to continue this Bundirama
  11. Monday morn here, so I'm looking @ American tv news from Sunday, (CNN,MSNBC, Fox) just saw a CNN cherry pick "if the election were held today" poll, Beto "tear down the wall" O'Rourke beats Trump by 10 pts, Warren beats Trump by 1 - Reality > 600 people showed up for the Biden roll-ouit - he really is a complete fool, worse corruption choice than Hillary, seriously - saw Sanders stumble and bumble over "what are u gonna do for the Black community" question at CNN town hall meetings .... .... he immediately goes to the "I walked side-by-side w/ MLK at the march on Washington in '63" and gets booed - Pelosi just took the lead from Obama in the "who's accumulated the most 4 Pinnochio's" contest, congratulations Nance, .. no easy feat -
  12. bastards, .. I haven't had these in over a decade -
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