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  1. Johnson is a natural, .. watched CI last night > funny ****
  2. I don't think in terms of win/ loss, but this type of violent behavior exposes the basic liberal mindset & it will swing more clear thinking independents and1st time voters toward the Trump-Pence ticket . For a non-politician > anti-establishment > 99% politically incorrect > bad-hair businessman from NY that can barely put a sentence together to be tied nationally & leading in key swing states 4 months before the vote vs a seasoned political veteran who has outspent him 40-1 says something about the climate in America - * The latest Quinnipiac polls show that 31% of Democrats believe Hillary should be indicted -
  3. Hillary's dems know what's coming in November and they are in total panic mode, ... the rioting that's going to happen during the RNC convention is nothing compared to what we will see the day after the elections ...
  4. ... preparing for a massive drunk downtown (and everything that goes with it) -
  5. Cannot relate,^ .. haven't seen a tv remote since I left the U.S., I use a hammer to turn on the magic picture box -
  6. They proclaim that their purpose is to get their message out, but they just preach to the choir which basically assimilates recruitment . BLM reinforces every preconceived notion that Whites have about double standards & Black racism -
  7. BLM may be the most counter-productive organization to ever exist in the United States -
  8. Is he not the president of the Russian MMA Union ? Slight conflict of interest possibly ?
  9. I was all in on Teixeira, but now I must reconnoiter .. there's obviously a flaw in my Glover thought process here .
  10. I don't believe we will see a HC/ BS ticket, .. that would be like wearing two left shoes (different sizes)
  11. His camp wants an insider to buffer resistance, < this is old news btw . It would be political suicide to have an outsider potus/ vpotus trying to work with the DC establishment -
  12. Harrison Ford movie quote " the world has gone to **** since Buddy Holly died" * Fats Domino
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