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  1. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals/ San Fran. -aka- The 9th Circle of Hell or Dante's Inferno has overturned the '69 moon landing; no Blacks, no women > not valid -
  2. Random draw lol, .. nothing to do w/ ratings - cheez
  3. UK requests meeting w/ US over Iranian ship seizures - here we go !
  4. she needs to touch up the hair, what is she thinking .
  5. I'm not sure it's skewed, .. more like a nationalistic obligation here ( like Australians do ) - I had Bradley in the 2nd fight @ 6-1 here in the Philippines ... just bcoz of the ridiculous odds - ?
  6. there's hardly a racist bone in my body > I like Blacks I like Blasians I like Asians and I like raisins
  7. 75% of the people worship him, so you can always get decent odds on his opponents . -he was a congressman, he's a senator now, he'll be running for president vs the incumbent's daughter, .. every other commercial on tv is a Pacquiao commercial, .... he's retired 4 times but keeps fighting to payoff his masive delinquent tax bill that he blames on Arum, .. he's rarely in the Philippines, he's a chitty actor and singer/ musician, his wfe and mother are doing the politics thing too and of course commercials and acting - kids also - it's sickening . Elections here are dominated by whoever can pay for the most votes, Pacquiao can pay more so the train keeps rolling (the avg. vote goes for 200 pesos, or $4.00usd); I hope Keith breaks his face early -
  8. this is where Trump and I disagree > Leave, .. Die, & Burn in hell
  9. hope so, the guys a living scam here -
  10. seen Glass a while back JM was exc., .. will check out Split - appreciate it
  11. She might be American, .. but there's many places in America she's not welcome ... kevlar is your friend Rashida
  12. July 20 > Pacquiao/ Thurman - Pac is -155 fav
  13. Leana Wen: an immigrant's story https://www.baltimoresun.com/opinion/op-ed/bs-ed-op-0910-wen-immigrant-20170906-story.html
  14. .... just watched and can recommend -8 .... damn good movie -
  15. they were force-feeding us that women's chit when I was watching regularly,.. there is no market for women's mma, .. there never was, nobody cares
  16. damned if I know, .. I don't watch much ufc .... looks weak except for the main
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