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  1. Like I said to my wife, "So I'm gonna bang you a couple times a week for the rest of my life & that's it ?" ... HELLO ? I had to attend an 8hr pre-marital seminar here, the Health Dept rep started by saying that marriage is one sex partner 'till death do you part & with that, half the men in the room got up & left - true story .
  2. you never see the bullet that kills you, .. a rock not so much, I hate getting hit with a ******* rock !
  3. The last place you want to be if you're a foreigner in a 3rd world country is a public hospital, cyanide would be a better choice, .. here in Cebu, they don't accept foreigners . So that leaves private facilities, prepare thyself for this **** ... unless they confirm you're dying, you must pay an advance deposit to be admitted and if the final bill exceeds the deposit, you cannot leave the hospital until you settle. They put a private guard outside your door until you come up with the funds .. the next step is an immigration holding cell & eventual deportation - The American military must travel to a Manila VA facility everytime they have a medical problem which is also a fate worse than death -
  4. Having travelled worldwide, I can say unequivocally there are degrees of what we consider a civilized society .. Sharia law is a good example of an uncivilized society . Extreme poverty and lack of technology are major contributors in 3rd world countries . Some societies will never gel, so yeah .. immigration can lead to a more violent society imo -
  5. I feel your pain, I'm required to be covered & I haven't been stateside in over 8 years, a by-product of the Philippines not offering dual citizenship -
  6. ... you can make the case for a few pickems' on this card - Uda vs Vettori Larkin vs Magny Markos vs Casey Lobov vs Avila ... can't just write off Story Johnson vs Teixeira McGregor vs Diaz
  7. http://money.cnn.com/2016/08/15/news/economy/aetna-obamacare/ Aetna, which had 838,000 exchange customers at the end of June, said its policyholders are turning out to be sicker and costlier than expected. The company, along with its peers, has criticized the federal program designed to mitigate those risks. "Providing affordable, high-quality health care options to consumers is not possible without a balanced risk pool," said Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini.
  8. No doubt he will try pacing himself, but I just don't see how that helps vs Nate's style ?
  9. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/08/16/aetna-obamacare-affordable-care-act-exchanges/88825798/ Health insurer Aetna announced late Monday that it is dropping Obamacare insurance in 69% of the counties and 11 of 15 states where it currently offers plans. The third largest health insurance company becomes the latest to pull back from the plans offered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as it cites heavy losses.
  10. About three years ago I did a complete 180 from starting at 11am to starting at 11pm, .. I'm a natural born night owl & was fighting my natural rhythm . Much happier since the transition -
  11. no contest there, & he throws straight punches -
  12. Agreed, the big jump in weight, cardio, plus if Conor nails Nate w/ a solid shot, .. I don't see him going to the mat for a g'np finish . Nate will need to be unconscious before he falls to the mat . Four months is not enough time to seriously advance your cardio considering the time spent training other areas of mma . All the pressure & anxiety falls on Conor for the rematch and that's a mental drain come fight-time . Should be interesting watching McGregor trying to pace himself . ... All this and Nate is still the +105 underdog, go figure -
  13. ... Nate too big, too bad, & too damn Stockton -
  14. That would include an all-expense paid trip to the garden spot of America .... .... Milwaukee -
  15. Andy ' The Yellow Peril ' Wang ... just a gut feeling, .. this is Nyte -
  16. ok, let's get serious .. there's a lot at stake here ... Belvedere
  17. The point/ irony is that he has no legacy, he will go down in history as the worst POTUS in American history . Barack 'NDAA' Obama is ranked above Buchanan, Bush, & Carter . http://www.thetoptens.com/worst-us-presidents/
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