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  1. The point/ irony is that he has no legacy, he will go down in history as the worst POTUS in American history . Barack 'NDAA' Obama is ranked above Buchanan, Bush, & Carter . http://www.thetoptens.com/worst-us-presidents/
  2. Cuthbert is good, I like Cuthbert .. Rupert also -
  3. Just watched all 33 minutes mainly cause the wife is a huge Outlaw fan, what I took away from Hardy's analysis is that I need to double-up on Diaz .... good stuff, everyone should watch this -
  4. ******* psychotic liberal sob, .. can't believe Trejo hangs w/ him -
  5. .... another boogie thread, .. hit it crew !
  6. Rumble will do his patented post w/ the left & come over the top, Glover will duck under and grapplize him to the fence, /fight -
  7. oh bejesus, imagine the look on her face when she shoots -
  8. Curious to see if AJ utilizes his world famous kicks knowing that Glover is a leg-snatchin' 2nd degree jitz-meister -
  9. Rousey is probably having 2nd thoughts about a joint bank acct.
  10. yep, Werdum (-215) vs Browne (+165) ... if Werdum fights Browne the way he fought Stipe .. he finna lose -
  11. He says he feels 90%, he needs doctor clearance to start training full-time, ... he expects to be cleared in Sept. Here is the full article : http://mmajunkie.com/2016/08/recovering-refocused-ex-ufc-champ-junior-dos-santos-my-fists-want-to-hit-some-faces
  12. Good rematch, but unfortunately Junior won't start training full-time until September due to the surgery -
  13. He was giddy, .. like he just got laid -
  14. ... unbelievable, it's all about the legacy folks - http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/15/politics/guantanamo-detainees-transfer-obama-administration/
  15. I bet Teixeira (+175) at the casino & I have Johnson in the tourney (by choice) ... Rumble has 4 wins in the last 27 months, those 4 wins total 4:13 in the cage, ... plus the loss to DC - If Glover survives the first round, it will be all downhill for AJ ... word -
  16. ... funny vid, Junior will need a tuner when he returns next year > JDS vs Lesnar Junior & Anthony Joshua By: Fernanda Prates and Justin Park | August 15, 2016 3:15 pm RIO DE JANEIRO – The Junior Dos Santos who put on a striking clinic against Ben Rothwell in April looked like a much fresher version of the one we’d previously seen against Alistair Overeem. This an assessment that Dos Santos (18-4 MMA, 12-3 UFC) himself will agree with. That’s because, after a period of “confusion,” the former UFC heavyweight champion believes he’s finally back on track. And, in order for that to happen, he needed to get in touch with what got him to the top in the first place: his hands. “I think I’m finding myself again,” Dos Santos told MMAjunkie. “I was very confused about things. Because every time, people come to say, ‘You have to work more on your jiu-jitsu. You have to work more on your wrestling, on your grappling skills.’ I said, ‘Yeah, man, these guys are right.’ And I was trying to do that. “But I’m not like that. I’m a boxing guy, so I need to keep my focus on that. Of course I have to know jiu-jitsu and wrestling, but it’s a second thing. My first thing is boxing. And I found myself again against Ben Rothwell. That’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to knock these guys out. Look at these (fists). … Those are, man, you know, it’s a lot of power on those things right here. If I touch those guys correctly, they will go down.” Currently in the final recovering stages following shoulder surgery, the 32-year-old Brazilian said he is at “90 percent.” Pending his doctor’s clearance to return to full training, which he expects to get in September, the idea is to fight in December. With the timeframe in mind, the next step is figuring out the opponent. But, in that regard, “JDS” prefers to stay open-minded. Even ex-champFabricio Werdum, whom he’d singled out in the past, is no longer a set target. The focus is on making his way to the throne again – hopefully with some face-hitting on the way up. “I don’t pick opponents, so any one of them,” Dos Santos said. “We have good fights now, a lot of things happening in the heavyweight division. Anyone. Even Cain Velasquez for the fourth time. Come on. Let’s do it.
  17. Chong is God, .. Cheech not so much -
  18. It was the sickest, raunchiest, most twisted, no limits, ridiculous, insane, so bad it's good, celluloid catastrophy I've ever witnessed ... my life will never be the same . There's a scene where they have a Zombie Royale, butt naked Tim Kennedy vs Zombie Couture w/ commentary by an "F" slinging Brian Stann & Mike Goldberg . I needed a long hot shower after this unexplainable cinematic experience ... sigh - > I watch all my **** on primewire.ag, doubt if Netflix would touch this .
  19. ... Watching now, Range 15 (2016) zomcom w/ Mat Best as himself, Marcus Luttrell/ himself, William Shatner, Ron Jeremy/ himself, Couture/ himself, Tim Kennedy/ himself, Sean Astin, Danny Trejo, Brendan Schaub, Leroy Petry/ himself, Rob Vardaro, Dakota Meyer ....
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