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  1. Friday night here and I am outvoted 6 > 1/ Lion King gets the nod, .. I voted Stuber - ......... dammit -
  2. looks real, original story eminates from her hometown newspaper (dem-rag) and she refuses to discuss it, even to clear herself .... btw > her brothers last name is Elmi - I see what she did -
  3. Alexandria Occaisional-Cortez blames climate-change for NY heat -
  4. I got a great idea Minnesota & Michigan > lets elect a Somalian refugee woman and a Palestinian foul-mouthed woman to congress .... oh wait ! * concrete evidence that Omar's real last name is Elmi and she married her brother to get here, .... looming ... GOP sitting on this .... looks legit imo -
  5. baby shark song and raining tacos song -
  6. This one couldn't earn 20 pesos on a rainy night in the Philippines .... derailment incoming >
  7. Tlaib, .. the loonie that called Trump " that muthafooka in the Whitehouse" posing w/ a man that stabbed 3 Israeli solders -
  8. I saw that black chick - my money is on her, AOC has had her 15 min., she's a whacko
  9. I don't think of the 4 morons as American, ... not many people do - however, I do appreciate their brilliant efforts to implode the Democratic party and re-elect Trump -
  10. Paul makes a decent case, but has know idea how to sell it - .. if it weren't for him, I would not know the American taxpayer is laying out 300K annually to see if Japanese quail are more promiscuous when high on cocaine - who knew ?
  11. Senate reaches deal w/ these 2 idiots, .. 911 victims fund will pass -
  12. Trump says U.S. warship destroyed Iranian drone https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/trump-says-u-s-warship-destroyed-iranian-drone
  13. Giant jellyfish the size of a human spotted by divers off English coast https://edition.cnn.com/2019/07/15/uk/giant-jellyfish-england-scli-gbr-intl/index.html
  14. I never cared about aliens from another planet, ... unless they're here to give me money -
  15. .... they seriously think there's more of them than normal people - I see it at 70% normal people/ 30% socialists
  16. This is where the disconnect is, .. from my perspective, .. it's like he's thinking > ... what could I say that would guarantee my political demise ?
  17. .. she'll write a book, sue the board of diectors (and win) ... open her own clinic, too bad they already made that movie, this is better subject-matter - fired bcoz she did not want to politically weaponize PP, ... absurd
  18. ... and the beautiful tsunami that follows -
  19. you mean like twinkies, devil dogs, yankee doodles, yodels and fruit pies ? hell yeah, .. good stuff -
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