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  1. west coast start time U.S.- the Todd Duffee returns card ?
  2. ... will watch Cerrone's Canadian swan-song -
  3. Trump used the word bullchit in his speech, .. that's it, I'm voting Buttigieg-gieg
  4. I want to have sex w/ Emily Compagno's thighs while she tells me how El Chapo will pay for the wall. .... that's all -
  5. the 4 stooges are gonna need around-the-clock bodyguards after this lol
  6. California primary: Kamala Harris takes the lead over Joe Biden in new poll : https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/17/california-primary-kamala-harris-takes-the-lead-over-joe-biden-in-new-poll/
  7. Breaking : Al Green's impeachment articles just failed by a very wide margin -
  8. needs to be walker/ rakic jeez
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