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  1. ... posting from a prison cell 24/7 will do that doe -
  2. Jai White, Todd Duffee, w/ guest shots Lyoto & Big John
  3. Bezerker101


    I'm thinking the same, especially at those odds
  4. Been through a serious surgery with the wife twice & in a 3rd world hospital, slept at the hospital for 2 weeks . I don't have to tell you this, you already know this > you have to keep your mind positive & let her feel that energy . They usually let you see her for a couple minutes between prepping and the operation - best of luck bro .
  5. She gives me a bonnar, speaking of which I vote no way HOF
  6. Browne fight hardly a barometer, but still wouldn't mind some Stipe/ Cain
  7. They have a built-in UFC app that you can link to your UFC account ... that ain't happening yesterday, today, or tomorrow for whatever technical reason -
  8. Bezerker101

    UFC sold

    That explains everything ...
  9. The fight was all about Hunt tagging Lesnar early with something meaningful, .. didn't happen = fight over .
  10. I believe this may be the 1st time I'm speaking my mind on this thread .. I need to vent .... ... I absolutely despise new technology that is not ready for public consumption, the morons at LG, Samsung, etc. should either cap themselves or be summarily executed for introducing Smart tv's to the public market 5 years before they actually function as a useful device . Anyone that has purchased a Smart tv probably uses it as a pc monitor more than a stand alone unit as I do -
  11. ... eggs are the bomb, dried mangos & cashews too
  12. Watching & listening to Hillary & Obama campaign side by side does more to swing independents & 1st time voters over to the Trump camp than any ad Trump's people could come up with along with selecting Warren as her VP, which I pray happens . People thought Biden was a clown-shoes choice smmfh, ... this trumps that (excuse the pun) -
  13. 8-0 underdog Lopez debuts vs Yahya (21-8 w/ 0 ko's) .. good spot for upset, Yahya coming from 1yr layoff -
  14. Easy to look good vs an opponent that doesn't fight back ...
  15. Brock unless his next fight is Velasquez or Overeem
  16. ALA Promotions Filipino boxing phenom lol 26-0 Prince Albert Pagara (basically a coddled punk who's been hand-fed sacrificial Mexicans w/ inflated records) made only his 2nd trip out of the Philippines to fight in America today . His opponent Cezar Juarez gave the Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire all he could handle a few months back, but lost a ud . Pagara -1000 was ragdolled in the 7th & carried out on a stretcher unconscious after the 8th round . I saw this coming & called it, but was too busy losing money on UFC 200 ... the casino here in Cebu didn't carry the action as they own a piece of ALA Promotions/ Pagara, .. I could have opened an account w/ another online bookie but I snoozed & I loozed - **** me !
  17. ... didn't make a dime, .. the wife got out on a Moose/ Pena/ Lesnar/ Nunes 4 pick $, I'm walkin' the dogs & doin' dishes for 2 weeks as a result > #brutaljuice
  18. ... staggering over to the casino, still drunky from yesterday w/ 2 hours sleep
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