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  1. Choi-boy rooks good, fun to watch .
  2. Not a good day yesterday, got scrooded by Moraga -
  3. GGG vs Canelo not happening this year, it will be Kell Brook Sept 10 ... wtmf !
  4. What if Hillary selects Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren as her running mate and then gets assassinated ? It's all fun and games until **** gets real -
  5. I try to minimize the risk when selecting matches to wager on through usable knowledge, Aldo comes from a 15 month injury layoff & gets freaky ko'd in 13 seconds plus he won a ud over Edgar 3+ years ago < all these facts mean nothing when applied to this Saturday night . So in my judgement, I can't gauge his next performance . Also, I never bet on a fighter just because I like him .. bias has no place in mma wagering if you want to end the year in black .
  6. Agreed, Aldo is not gaugeable .. staying away from this one -
  7. @ +160, he's replacing DC on my ticket .. not gonna bother me if Hunt puts him on a stretcher though, ... it's the Pacquiao/ Mayweather syndrome, bet Mayweather @ even $ and if Manny beats him > it's all good -
  8. This is a piddly wager I put together at the casino, I always post the big plays here before the event like the Browne/ Gastelum/ Cormier & Zingano/ Matthews/ Jouban parlays I mentioned earlier in the thread -
  9. The fight is a concessionary offering, nothing else -
  10. DC @ -535/ Silva @ +355 .. Anderson's last ko was Bonnar almost 4 years ago, not expecting much here, ... Cormier ragdolls the arthropod -
  11. Whats better than salty pork & ice cold beer other than tight ***** & bourban ?
  12. The Rosedale Reaper, .. UFC welterweight Rob Kimmons, the living legend -
  13. .... eating lunch, pork adobo & rice
  14. Had a good day, not great, but good ... hit a Burns, Arantes, Munhoz, Birchak, Makdessi, Mina, Jouban parlay, the smartest thing I did was stay away from the Roy/ Lewis pickem' & the main event - .....psyched for tomorrow -
  15. Planned for months to go large on DC @ +265, then larger after Jones OSP performance, ... train wreck is an under-statement -
  16. 4:45am here, preparing to head over to the casino for 3 days of unbridled gambling & debauchery -
  17. Just watched Blackway (2016) Hopkins, Liotta, Holbrook, Julia Styles & Alexander Ludwig, 7/10
  18. Brock headlining 100 & 200, who'd a thunk it .. smmfh -
  19. please someone say GOTCHA, APRIL FOOLS !
  20. So the Jones/ Cormier party now becomes the Hunt/ Lesnar party < not happening . The online bookie sites are all gonna crash along w/ ticket sellers ... un ******* real . #gettingdrunk
  21. Trump won the nomination by being the anti-establishment candidate, Ryan is his polar-opposite, when the average person thinks about Ryan, the first thought that enters their head is that fool Romney . Only 57% of Americans voted in 2012, Trump winning the White House depends on independents & how many 1st time voters show up to either stop Clinton or stop Trump .
  22. I wanna see JJ take another dunking, only in the cage this time , also looking forward to seeing Bruno & Ferreira upset -
  23. Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, prelims start 6:30am here in southeast Asia = breakfast at the casino - psyched
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