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  1. does it require electricity ? scarce here .....
  2. .... being a kid in a candy store never gets old, WW stopped by a couple weeks ago ..... briefly this forum is hanging on by a thread - I rarely even watch UFC - Good to hear you're good bro .
  3. Sir Richard, ... long time, no hear - hope you're doing well m8 ?
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/us/maryland-beach-small-pane-lands-onlookers A small plane crash-landed on the waters off Ocean City, Md., Tuesday. (Twitter: @a_k_a_alexis)
  5. that would never happen in Canada, .. well, maybe in Ellesmere
  6. amazing that the 4 stooges think they can call Pelosi and Trump racists and advance their cause
  7. I believe they're voting on motion to move Trump impeachment forward also - (tomorrow)
  8. lol, over Pelosi calling Trump's commemts racist -
  9. Nancy Pelosi sparks FURY after her ‘racist’ comments ruled out of order by House https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1154260/nancy-pelosi-latest-us-news-donald-trump-racist-house-of-representatives-steny-hoyer watching her melt-down was great -- #landslidecoming
  10. Omar flat-out refuses to condemn ANTIFA violent attack - attacker hailed as martyr .....
  11. This '74 remake is why Denzel and Travolta get the big money - can recommend - 2009
  12. Planned Parenthood Head Says She Was Ousted in a “Secret Meeting” https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/wjvm5y/planned-parenthood-head-says-she-was-ousted-in-a-secret-meeting
  13. Pelosi/ DNC supports squad - ok, you own them - public approval ratings NATIONWIDE > Pressley @ 9%, AOC @ 22%
  14. he'll definately scoot, .. can't put him in w/ GP, so he's looking at life in isolation and the pedo wouldn't be safe there either imo .
  15. Epstein's bail hearing was just postponed for a second time, .. you've probably heard he has offered up 77 million - bail hearing scheduled for Thursday
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