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  1. watching a new Bruce Willis movie (Marauders), it's simply enthralling ...
  2. I wonder if this is because they believe Hillary will continue to build on Obama's legacy, ... after everything Obama has done to improve the quality of life for the average Black person, ... she would naturally be their obvious choice for commander n' chief
  3. Tough fight to gauge, not betting on this one, .. Roy has the experience/ cage savvy, Lewis the better athlete . Cardio is the key imo ...
  4. consuming some down time, kinda bored .. my pappy used to say "when in doubt .. drink", ... sounds like usable advice atm . how are things in WarWest world, .. still tinkering that chevy hotrod ?
  5. cigarette, coffee, poonography, crumpets ... same old-same old
  6. using smart tv, (they do not support flash players) ... went to 'Play online games without flash player' .com - ... top of page says choose from over 1000 no flash player needed games - ... chose game & clicked - ... received error message > YOUR FLASH PLAYER IS OUT OF DATE, PLEASE UPDATE & RELOAD ... emailed pic of my *** to tech support
  7. Looked at Vannata, one fight back from a year layoff vs the legendary Ramico 'The General' Blackmon who was coming off two 1st rd submission losses = Cucuy @ -1000
  8. .. posted on Gamblers Fantasy League, page 5
  9. Vigilante Diaries (2016) w/ Madsen, Rampage, Paul Sloan, & a bevy of bims
  10. the loud-mouth in the bar, and there always is one
  11. ... lotta pressure on Lesnar, could easily be a 1st rd Hunt walk-a-way -
  12. Muhammed late replacement for Taleb UFC debuts vs Jouban & is the favorite, 9-0 w/ 3 ko's & 6 decisions ... interesting must see -
  13. Gegard/ -660 vs Santos/ +440 > in on Santos, Mousasi not reliable -
  14. (2015) .. hardcore Chinese film project not for everyone 6/10, .. big Adkins fan here
  15. ... didn't bet this card, but it's not making it any easier to watch smfh -
  16. Gastelum Lamas Cejudo Fabinski Arzamendia Marin Jorgenson
  17. Yeah, 10yrs of UFC matches w/ no wins by tko via punch, his only tko loss was a doctor stoppage . He's maintained an amazingly high name recognition profile off of a career dominated by decisions & is a HOF lock - * Handicapping tomorrow's card equates to having bamboo chutes inserted under your toenails . So far, I disagree w/ the oddsmakers on 1 fight - Fili/ Benitez
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