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  1. Yeah, I really can't see 4 weeks rather than 2 training at altitude making much of a difference, ... it was definately a combination of things that contributed to that embarrassing beat-down .
  2. Hendrix via Rickenbacker Jetglo 620, .. I like it
  3. yeah, she just resigned .. now she has to deal with >
  4. prefer Cain vs Cormier, I wanna see the epic gym wars I keep hearing about, ... and don't give the bro shiat, fight & shake hands afterwards .
  5. Lol rustled level 10 Trish ? Shin & G_row invited me back after 1 year to the day . And all you ever post here is "you're an idiot" & "you're a moron" , try paying more attention to mma & maybe you'll know a sucker bet when you see one .. sucker .
  6. You're effeminating again, .. it must be difficult being publicly perma-pwn'd with no out except to tap w/ a welch ?
  7. Some people put spaces between the end of their sentences and the periods, and some people take sucker mma bets on a public forum, .. that's life & it's all good .
  8. .... Lol, you took a primetime sucker bet & welch, probably picked Melendez too . You can't lose mma cred that you never had P'ster > safe .
  9. that's a Brazilian ladyboy, ask sobercuban .
  10. That was the first time in Cain's mma career that he's been in a competitive fight . (well, semi-competitive)
  11. I'm thinking Cain was letting him up because he knew there was gonna be a problem with cardio, ... he looked used after the 1st round .
  12. His doughboy bro probably didn't feel like training with him at altitude in Mexico and convinced him that he was the baddest man on the planet -
  13. Real mma fighters like Yair never make excuses, they might puke on Joe Rogan, .. but they never make excuses . And yeah, hardcore war, .. Rosa's my man, but I'm not sure I could give him any of those rounds .
  14. ... it takes a buttscooter to know a buttscooter, tell me more ? You need to log in w/ one of your other accounts, Patsy's on hiatus .
  15. Werdum's wanky loss to Junior in '08 lead to a UFC contract dispute & him signing w/ SF, ... it was a long road back -
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