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  1. Having a personal server as SOS that was hacked by 5 different countries (especially in light of the breaking news this week) and repeatedly lying about it is the top story considering she's running for Commander in Chief .... not to mention it's tied to an American ambassador that was brutally slaughtered - Name a bigger story ?
  2. Bern got that wrong, it's been the #1 newsworthy story fronted by CNN/ MSNBC/ & FOX in the last year -
  3. Exuse me M'am, the commitee is an arm of the families of the 4 patriots that were murdered because she ignored the ambassador's requests for additional security -
  4. The answer is Russia by proxy, but they won't say it .. then China, followed by ISIS
  5. Webb has class, never mentioned his 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze, Navy Cross, among others
  6. ISIS has a foothold in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, ... Jordan & Turkey are next . Does any politician seriously believe that's going to change . They have an endless supply of fanatical martyrs that believe they get 72 virgins if they die fighting < how do you defeat that ?
  7. How can Chaffee, O'Malley, & Webb possibly boost their support if they don't challenge/ attack Clinton & Sanders on policy ...
  8. Easy to see why the DNC is limiting the amount of debates to 6
  9. these first 3 candidates have the personality of a hockey puck
  10. The only way I can watch this is if I bourbonize my coffee < done ...
  11. The personal server controversy & Benghazi will follow her right to the White House if she is elected, .. she gave up the name & location of an active CIA operative working in Libya & then her personal server was hacked by 5 different countries .... why hasn't she been arrested ?
  12. Anderson Cooper is a standing member in the "Clinton Foundation Initiative", ... disclosure ? - Skinny is the DNC has let it be known that if any of the candidates attack Hillary, ... their status in the DNC will be persona non grata -
  13. Word is CNN will softball,this debate ... I hope this is not true, Hillary caved on Keystone & Sanders should hammer her on that -
  14. Let's face it, the gene pool is washed out . Everything has gone downhill since Buddy Holly died .
  15. Hillary trolled Trump from his hotel in Vegas today, .. talk about balls on a beech bejesus http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/12/politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-hotel-las-vegas/
  16. Shooting your college professor is the absolute epitome of counter-productiveness, ... how can you get a decent job & earn big money in prison or on death-row .
  17. Have you ever had an uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest after using tabasco sauce or eating Mexican food ? If not, then you are one of the chosen few destined for greatness, heartburn has derailed many a romantic relationship, successful careers, and even a night out with the guys -
  18. If I wanted to kill my college professor for giving me a bad grade, I would use a knife so no one would hear the murder .
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