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  1. Just when you're thinking the looney left can't find a worse candidate- Reality
  2. The court of public opinion on Biden >
  3. And the Washington Post is a supermarket tabloid, .. it can be found behind the National Enquirer at Walmart-
  4. Trump-supporting UFC star Masvidal rages at 'pedophiles' after claims Hunter Biden 'had images of underage girls on computer' 21 Oct, 2020 17:58 / Updated 1 day ago https://www.rt.com/sport/504134-trump-biden-hunter-masvidal/
  5. The next story brewing is how Joe and his attorney tried to buy the hard drive (copy) from Costello-
  6. Biden getting power-raaped by fact checkers online/ recent vids & tweets contradicting what he said tonight, ...... Trump edging Biden in PA before the polls reflecting the Boilerrmaker union support and fracking lies are out Trump beating Biden by over 2-4pts in Ohio before tonight -
  7. It's laptop time, Biden created a mini highlight reel should the story advance-
  8. Harris co-authored the NGD, .. Biden schuckin' it off Biden says he said "No fracking on federal land" lol- the yt vids are readily avail. or go to the website jeez, ..... he just said he will transition from the oil industry ....................... winner !
  9. Biden spinning mega bs on his 47 yrs of nothing
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