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  1. Yak is 36 with a terrible record, the match is obviously a ufc test for Joel, 1st fight on the card followed by wimz and then a pickem'/ gotta have a little of both imo- .... this card demands a line-up strategy if you're parlaying
  2. BREAKING : Tony flips on Joe & Hunter
  3. Biden is done, the ****bag Dums will start transitioning over to the trained Marxist Harris soon and her Veep Stacy Abrams, ...from what I understand, she has the EO that subverts the Constitution already drawn-up, .. plus > statehood for DC & Puerto Rico, she will stack the courts, defund the police while elevating BLM & ANTIFA to law enforcement supervisory status, legalize late term abortions, she will end fracking as promised, Fcuk PA, begin NGD promisory regulations, open the borders, tear down the wall, and get that free taxpayer money rolling along with reparations for looters, tear down the prisons, UHC for all including extraterrestrials, lockdown the entire country for another year w/ masks being mandatory while raising taxes, free college education and housing for illegal immigrant felons plus the right to vote, abolish single family housing in suburbia in favor of stack n' pack and she will pardon Hunter and Numnutz !
  4. Never bet against Roxanne Modifferi or Ed Herman
  5. Harmilton > Harris/ Volkov will have a 32" reach advantage-
  6. S. Adkins vs U. Hall > Adkins -1500 👀
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