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  1. Neither does you inference that 350 million guns will be used.. better run off to Walmart now and get your supply of ammo just in case huh?
  2. How do forums cause you too much pain unless you internet too hard or take them seriously
  3. If Condit mans up and doesnt run like a ***** then Roidy is gonna make a fool of this guy
  4. Well do you? There is only one thing I watch womens sport for and its not competition. Co headlining as well. will be interesting to see the PPV buys. Luckily they have Hendo and Machida to salvage some pride
  5. Why would anyone make a "last post" on an internet forum. does anyone care who anyone is here let alone someone claiming its their last post.
  6. Well I do believe these people with "low morals" having easy access to firearms of this power would indicate you know the answer. What would your solution be, try and change the morals of people first?
  7. HAHA the breakdown in morality hasnt killed anyone as far as I know. Lots of people have poor morals, What a weak argument. Dont blame them having access to guns, Blame the "society lacking morals"
  8. Those children had rights too but the gun lobby prefers theirs. Stuff what happens to anyone as long as I have my gun.......
  9. Sensationalizing 20 kids dead from a semi automatic. yeah sure is. cant they just all shut up about FFS
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