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  1. Painfully obvious you have never been layed... Great ko from Cung but Anderson destroys him with considerable ease.
  2. LMAO @ some of these clue less kiddies on this forum. You damn right Chael can take Jones down, anyone that says otherwise is deluded. Now having said that if the question was instead 'Can Chael finish jones after taking him down?' Then the answer would be a 'Well... probably not' Bones will most likely win the fight. However you better believe Chael can and will take Jones down in the fight and has a chance of grinding out the win via lay n pray however small that chance maybe.
  3. This will be a good fight I hope it come to fruition. The build up will he emence. Plenty of trash talk, fireworks at the weigh in and then an epic emotion/anger fueled battle in the cage. Dies via tko or sub.
  4. You are forgetting JDS has superb TDD and is trained by the Nogs in bjj. Big Nog has said his bin is very good. So basically if the fight stays stood up JDS wins. If and that's a big if Chain takes JDS down Junior can still win from the mat and will get back to his feet with ease if needed. JDS wins trust.
  5. Actually you saying that made Ed Soares pop into my head saying it so maybe Anderson lol
  6. Exactly how has he ducked Rampage?
  7. Who said this, I have been racking my brains trying to remember lol Was it Chael?
  8. I would like to see Kos check vs Diaz, it would have some trash talking leading up to the fight and an explosion in the octagon.
  9. Agreed. Just not as quickly, say second minute this time lol......... na seriously I think second round this time.
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