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  1. I couldn't agree more. Diabate is very talented on the feet, but Manuwa has nasty power, and I think he has finished all his opponents via KO. Just look what he did to Kingsbury face! This will be a highlight-reel KO for Jimi
  2. He's already top 10 U consider him a top 10 MW in the UFC? really? Yeah Dont you? Hell no. His best win is Keith Jardine at MW
  3. He's already top 10 U consider him a top 10 MW in the UFC? really?
  4. Even though his BJJ is amazing, I don't think anybody at MW is too worry unless he becomes the next Maia. U guy's see him making the top 10?
  5. Anybody giving Melendez a chance? He got out wrestle against Thompson in a fight I personally though he loss. I just don't see how he can beat Bendo who I think is way better than
  6. Is it me, or she makes it seem like she could make 135 lb with the help of Dolce, just didn't want to put the work in?
  7. Awesome !!! This is a perfect fight for both fighters. Who you guy's think will win the rematch? At the moment I'm leaning towards Lil Nog Source: http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/UFC-looking-to-make-Rogerio-Nogueira-vs-Mauricio-Rua-II-according-to-Nogueiras-coach.html
  8. I really don't need to see BJ fight again specially at WW, but if he commits himself again, I wouldn't mind seeing him at LW maybe against Aldo superfight? Source: http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/BJ-Penn-to-undergo-surgery-to-repair-cataract-may-fight-again.html
  9. He's right because at UFC 157, Hendo streak about to expired via crane kick to the
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6gJL0KQfbD0
  11. notice the majority of the failed PED test the fighters lost the fight, PED use for fighting is over rated, also you wrote bas rutten failed a test for Diphenhydramine which is benadryl , Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to treat sneezing, runny nose, itching not really a PED If he fought without that runny/itchy nose, it would enchance his performance wouldn't it? GUILTY!!! Diphenhydramine + Morphine He tested positive for both. I find it very hypocritical of him judging fighters that test positive for stuff, and he got busted for Morphine in his system which in my opinion is a PED.
  12. I found a list that showed all the positive test results of UFC fighters in the past, and though I should share it with you guys. Some surprising names on the list that I had no idea failed drug test. Three Positive Tests Josh Barnett November 2, 2001. Win over Bobby Hoffman (UFC 34). Tested positive for two different anabolic steroids (but I don't know which ones.) March 22, 2002. Win over Randy Couture (UFC 36). Tested positive for boldenone, fluoxymesterone and nandrolone. July, 2009. A random test in-between fights with Gilbert Yvel (Affliction) what would've been his fight with Fedor Emelianko. He next fought Siala-Mou Siliga (Dream 13). Tested positive for drostanolone. Two Positive Tests Stephan Bonnar August 26, 2006. Loss to Forrest Griffin (UFC 62). Tested positive for boldenone. October 13, 2012. Loss to Anderson Silva (UFC 153). Tested positive for drostanolone. Kimo Leopoldo June 19, 2004. Loss to Ken Shamrock (UFC 48). Tested positive for stanozolol. July, 2006. A random test in-between his fights with Ikuhisa Minowa (PRIDE Bushido 8) and Dave Legeno (Cage Rage 18). Tested positive for stanozolol again. One Positive Test Phil Baroni June 22, 2007. Loss to Frank Shamrock (Strikeforce). Tested positive for boldenone and stanozolol. Vitor Belfort October 21, 2006. Loss to Dan Henderson (PRIDE 32). Tested positive for 4-Hydroxytestosterone. Joey Beltran December 15, 2012. Win over Igor Pokrajac (UFC on FX 6). Tested positive for nandrolone. Rafael Cavalcante May 19, 2012. Win over Mike Kyle (Strikeforce). Tested positive for stanozolol. Kit Cope January 20, 2007. Loss to Rob McCullough (WEC 25). Tested positive for boldenone. Alexander Crispim November 16, 2007. Win over Clint Coronel (Strikeforce). Tested positive for desoxymethyltestosterone. Edwin Dewees July 19, 2008. Loss to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Affliction.) Tested positive for Nandrolone. Hermes Franca July 7, 2007. Loss to Sean Sherk (UFC 73). Tested positive for drostanolone. Royce Gracie June 2, 2007. Win over Kazushi Sakuraba (K-1 Dynamite!! USA). Tested positive for nandrolone. Dennis Hallman November 16, 2007. Win over Jeremiah Metcalf (Strikeforce). Tested positive for drostanolone and nandrolone. James Irvin: December 2nd, 2010. Loss to Jorge Oliveira (Tachi Palace Fights 7). Tested positive for epitrenbolone. (in an earlier fight he also tested positive for painkillers, listed below). Jörgen Kruth: May 20, 2007. Win over Freddy Kemayo (This was a kickboxing fight. He did not make his MMA debut until April, 2009.) Tested positive for testosteron, metandienon, trenbolon and metenolon. Muhammed Lawal: January 7, 2012. Win over Lorenz Larkin (Strikeforce). Tested positive for drostanolone. Chris Leben October 18, 2008. Loss to Michael Bisping (UFC 89). Tested positive for stanozolol. Bill Mahood September 29, 2007. Loss to Bobby Southworth (Strikeforce). Tested positive for drostanolone. Nate Marquardt August 6, 2005. Win over Ivan Salaverry (Ultimate Fight Night). Tested positive for nandrolone. Johnnie Morton June 2, 2007. Loss to Bernard Ackah (K-1 Dynamite!! USA). Tested positive for epitestosterone. Pawel Nastula October 21, 2006. Loss to Josh Barnett (PRIDE 32). Tested positive for nandrolone, phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrine, and ephedrine. Alexandre Franca Nogueira June 1, 2008. Loss to Jose Aldo (WEC 34.) Tested positive for boldenone. Jorge Ortiz June 8, 2007. Loss to Jesse Taylor (Total Combat 21). Tested positive for nandrolone. Alistair Overeem: April, 2012. A random drug test before what would've been a fight with Junior Dos Santos and after his fight with Brock Lesnar. Tested positive for elevated testosterone. Rousimar Palhares December 15, 2012. Loss to Hector Lombard (UFC on FX 6). Tested positive for elevated testosterone. Cole Province August 9, 2009. Win over Fredson Paixao (WEC 42). Tested positive for methasterone. Vicicius Kappke de Queiroz October 16, 2010. Loss to Rob Broughton (UFC 120). Tested positive for stanozolol. Francisco Rivera July 21, 2012. Win over Roland Delorme (UFC 149). Tested positive for an as of yet undisclosed, over-the-counter stimulant. Nick Rossborough: September 23, 2011. Loss to Lorenz Larkin (Strikeforce). Tested positive for elevated testosterone levels. Ken Shamrock February 13, 2009. Win over Ross Clifton (Wargods/Ken Shamrock Productions). Tested positive for 19-norandrosterone, 19-noretiocholanolone, and stanozolol. Sean Sherk July 7, 2007. Win over Hermes Franca (UFC 73). Tested positive for nandrolone. Kirill Sidelnikov January 24, 2009. Loss to Paul Buentello (Affliction). Tested positive for Stanozolol. Antonio Silva July 26, 2008. Win over Justin Eilers (Elite XC). Tested positive for Boldenone. Adam Smith September 29, 2007. Loss to Dewey Cooper (Strikeforce). Tested positive for nandrolone and stanozolol (also cocaine and marijuana.) Chael Sonnen August 7, 2010. Loss to Anderson Silva (UFC 117). Tested positive for abnormally elevated testosterone. Tim Sylvia September 26, 2003. Win over Gan McGee (UFC 44). Tested positive for stanozolol. Anthony Torres September 8, 2007. Loss to Jess Liaudin (UFC 75). Tested positive for boldenone. Ruben Villareal November 7, 2007. Loss to Jimmy Ambriz (WCO). Tested positive for 4-Hydroxytestosterone. Jason Winthers November 3, 2007. Loss to Richard Blake (Rebel Fights). Tested positive for stanozolol and trenbolone (also methadone and morphine.) Diuretics (Used to help make weight or sometimes to mask steroid use.) Thiago Alves December 30, 2006. Win over Tony DeSouza (UFC 66). Tested positive for spironolactone. Donald Cerrone September 5, 2007. Win over Kenneth Alexander (WEC 30). Tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide. Painkillers James Irvin: July, 19 2008. Loss to Anderson Silva (UFC Fight Night 14). Tested positive for methadone and oxymorphone (in a later fight tested positive for steroids, see above). Chris Leben: November 5, 2011. Loss to Mark Munoz (UFC 138). Tested positive for oxycodone and oxymorphone (in an earlier fight tested positive for steroids, see above). Karo Parisyan January 31, 2009. Win over Dong Hyun Kim (UFC 94). Tested positive for hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone. Bas Rutten July 22, 2006. Win over Ruben Villareal (WFA). Tested positive for morphine and diphenhydramine. Jason Winthers November 3, 2007. Loss to Richard Blake (Rebel Fights). Tested positive for methadone and morphine (also stanozolol and trenbolone.) Illegal Drugs Two Positive Tests Nick Diaz February 24, 2007. Win over Takanori Gomi (PRIDE 33). Tested positive for marijuana. Feb 4, 2012. Loss to Carlos Condit (UFC 143). Tested positive for marijuana. Dave Herman October 8, 2011. Failed his pre-fight drug screening before facing Mike Russow in the UFC. Tested positive for marijuana. October 13, 2012. Loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Tested positive for marijuana. One Positive Test Aaron Carvalho: December 29, 2006. Loss to Gilbert Sims (Tuff-N-Uff). Tested positive for marijuana. Isaac DeJesus May 6, 2011. Win over Russ Miura (Tachi Palace Fights 9). Tested positive for marijuana. Tyson Griffin November 20, 2010. Loss to Nik Lentz (UFC 123). Tested positive for marijuana. Melvin Guillard April 5, 2007. Loss to Joe Stevenson (UFC Fight Night 9). Tested positive for cocaine. Kazuhiro Nakamura September 22, 2007. Loss to Lyoto Machida (UFC 76). Tested positive for marijuana. Matt Riddle July 21, 2012. Win over Chris Clements (UFC 149). Tested positive for marijuana. Ricco Rodriguez: November 17, 2006. Win over Imani Lee (Beatdown in Bakersfield). Tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. Diego Sanchez December 13, 2006. Win over Joe Riggs (UFC Fight Night 7). Tested positive for marijuana. Thiago Silva November 10, 2012. Win over Stanislav Nedkov (UFC on Fuel TV 6). Tested positive for marijuana. Adam Smith September 29, 2007. Loss to Dewey Cooper (Strikeforce). Tested positive for cocaine and marijuana (also nandrolone and stanozolol.) Carter Williams June 22, 2007. Loss to Paul Buentello (Strikeforce). Tested positive for cocaine. Other Forrest Griffin August 8, 2009. Loss to Anderson Silva (UFC 101). Tested positive for Xanax (anti-anxiety medication). Unknown Kevin Randleman October 21, 2006. Loss to Mauricio Rua (PRIDE 32). Testing showed submitted sample was not human. Jake Shields August 11, 2012. Win over Ed Herman (UFC 150). It has not been revealed what he took. It is rumored that he took marijuana but he has not officially confirmed that (as far as I know). Thiago Silva January 1st, 2011. Win over Brandon Vera (UFC 125). Testing showed sample had been altered. Silva admitted to using a urine adulterant to change the result. He did not admit what he took other than it had been banned by the NSAC.
  13. I'm surprised she was weighing in at 165 anyways. That's pretty big for her. That's her cutting down some muscle mass. She usually walks around 175 lb
  14. lol not a big Bendo fan, but u got to love his stance on PED's Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Benson-Henderson-If-youre-so-mentally-weak-that-you-have-to-take-steroids,-I-will-destroy-you.html
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