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  1. Also, in regard to the NSAC, how many days were Jones and DC suspended for their brawl at the MGM Grand? The answer: 0. They each paid fines and did very little community service. Each individual in the UFC 229 situation should be treated accordingly. With everything I've seen so far, I can't say they've got enough on Khabib to give him too much more than what they did for Jones/Cormier. AndVisa issues? For what? Unless he's charged with something, I can't really see that being that much of an issue either. Conor had several borderline felonies virtually thrown away for the ridiculousness he causes. Can't see things being worse for Khabib.
  2. I get that there's chaos happening around the cage, but McGregor threw hands at two guys that weren't even being aggressive towards him. Sure, he got sucker punched from behind, but didn't he literally ask for all of this in the build up to this fight? I'm not trying to justify the actions of a bunch of borderline religious crazies, but they were practically begging for this to happen. And to act like what Khabib did here is remotely close to being as bad as what McGregor and company did with the bus situation is absolutely ridiculous. They're both wrong. Let's not act like one instance justifies the other, but let's also not try to condemn one over the other.
  3. I think Dustin should get the shot against Khabib. I'd like to see Ferguson vs McGregor, like it was technically supposed to be while Conor was champ and Tony was "interim". Then winner vs winner, obviously. Great fights...
  4. Holding titles simultaneously shouldn't matter, considering Dana White chooses who can and can't have opportunities to do so. In the past those opportunities barely ever happened. It's more common now, but they only do so as a marketing gimmick. Let's see somebody actually defend both belts, then we can talk about such things.
  5. Major League Predator Friday the 13th Part 3 Shawshank Redemption Godfather Part 2 Pulp Fiction Taxi Driver Ghostbusters
  6. Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Fighter of the Year I initially would have gone with Ryan Bader, because he's shown the most improvement, but he's doing his thing in the minor leagues currently, so I'll go with Max Holloway. Female Fighter of the Year I like Rose, and I think she's deserving, but I also scored her rematch against JJ for Joanna, and no "female" has been as dominant as Cris Cyborg, so I'll go with Cyborg. Breakthrough Fighter of the Year Till will have his time, and it seems like Ngannou's may have past. It's hard to argue with what Ortega has done in the last calendar year, (A highlight reel KO of an always game Clay Guida, back to back guillotines [one of which was a very tough Cub Swanson] and possibly a KO of the year against Frankie, so I'll go with Brian Ortega. International Fighter of the Year Whittaker is already established as more than just a great international fighter. If Usman beats Maia in dominant fashion I may change my mind here, but Darren Till is the epitome of great international fighter right now, including fighting exclusively over-seas (not US). Fight of the Year For me, this is between Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier (UFC 211) and Justin Gaethje vs. Michael Johnson (The Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale). I don't think you can go wrong with either. Both fights had it all, but Gaethje vs. Johnson didn't end in controversy, so they get the edge for me. Knockout of the Year The Matt Brown and Francis Ngannou KOs were savage, but you won't see many KOs timed as well as the Barboza KO over Dariush, which gets my pick. Submission of the Year Brett Johns (vs. Joe Soto, The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale)... That Calf Slicer was legit. Comeback of the Year Justin Gaethje (vs. Michael Johnson, The Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale) was a close second, but Darren Elkins (vs. Mirsad Bektic, UFC 209) was one of the best comebacks ever. Upset of the Year Brent Primus (vs. Michael Chandler, Bellator 180) wasn't a legit upset, in my mind, because of the injury. Because of this, Rose Namajunas (vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, UFC 217) wins, hands-down. Shawn Tompkins Coach of the Year Firas Zahabi, mostly because of Rory and GSP. Trainer of the Year Nick Curson (S&C coach) Gym of the Year Since AKA isn't nominated, American Top Team takes this easily. Referee of the Year If there was a "None of the Above" choice, I'd go with that. I guess Big John by default. Ringcard Girl of the Year If there was an "All of the Above" choice, I'd go with that, but I'll take Jhenny Andrade. Leading Man Dana White by default. Best Promotion UFC by default. Personality of the Year Joe Rogan, because Joe Rogan... Analyst of the Year Jimmy Smith is very good, but I actually really like Brian Stann for this. Best MMA Programming UFC Embedded has room for improvement, but has been engaging and interesting all the same. MMA Media Source of the Year They're all pretty good for different reasons, but I prefer Bloody Elbow currently. MMA Journalist of the Year Ariel Helwani, FTW. MMA Clothing and Equipment Brand of the Year Hayabusa has some good stuff, but Venum has the coolest stuff, without a doubt.
  7. Matt Brown KOing Diego Sanchez.
  8. Sonnen over Rampage Fedor over Mir Mitrione over Nelson Bader over Lawal Fedor over Sonnen Bader over Mitrione Bader over Fedor
  9. And arrogance did so well for the three champs that got dethroned tonight lol.
  10. I mean, if so, congrats. Though, I was under the impression that you had to at least make the survival limit, which would now be 5. Either way, it means nothing to me now lol.
  11. Actually, it does. If GSP loses, we both lose, I'm pretty sure lol. We both had to get 5 right to stay alive. I will say this, I've never been so happy to lose. Joanna's ****iness got her ktfo. Now Garbrandt and his ugly neck tattoo get ktfo. This is fantastic lol. I'm hoping GSP wins, but if I had to put money on it, I'd go with Bisping.
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