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  1. franklin just got satished
  2. becuz he gave his one and only son to DIE FOR US THATS REAL LOVE!
  3. i believe thiago silva should be champ he should have a rematch with alex cuz he clearly got robbed i believe thiago gives trouble to jon jones with his great take down defence and great boxing skills
  4. they both suck tbh only welterweights i like are john fitch and rory mcdonald
  5. Who knows whos going to win i dont know the future it might be a draw
  6. For the last time islam is a religion of peace
  7. so im trolling becuz i say travis browne can beat cain velasquez and im trolling becuz i say bj will beat rory and im trolling becuz i say condit will beat gsp???????ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME BRO!
  8. this technique has nothing on mckenzies guilatine choke
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