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  1. Lol having a thread named after me was supposed to be flattering... this however... Oh boy.
  2. I feel like I'm always missing out on the forum drama/beef
  3. Not a lot of great interaction with men lately.
  4. I didn't really understand that situation anyways that was at a time I was barely posting, barely even lurking actually. I pretty much was only answering the group pm at that point.
  5. Pretty sure there was a whole thread about that and sober explained some of it. I could be mistaken though.
  6. Recently rewatched the original IT and had to switch to the new one. Curry is the only redeeming part of the original if I'm being honest.
  7. I'm surprised after what... 7 years? 6? People even care if I post at all lmao
  8. Cocai------ Coffee. Copious amounts of "coffee."
  9. Don't do me like that. Lol
  10. Interesting fact, I've only been stopped 3 times for anything like what you mention there. All 3 times I had one, or both of my brothers in the vehicle with me. They're quite darker than I am. And 2 of those 3 times, the cop was more interested in talking to them than to me.
  11. Yeah it's a little suspicious to me.
  12. Should be no reason why they aren't required to wear them. I like to think we should be holding them to a HIGHER standard than regular citizens. Particularly when they're wearing their uniforms. It's not always the case, as some are just high schools bullies the military rejected.
  13. Some departments aren't required to have bodycams, which I still think is dumb af.
  14. I'm just seeing "Moore says" "Humphrey claims" which doesn't imply either one is or isn't lying. Just that they're on equal ground at this point. I know for a fact people try to rope cops into situations like these, having witnessed it. But I also know for a fact cops do profile people, having also witnessed that. I have myself pulled over in front of someone getting pulled over by a cop and watched to see what happened on two occasions now, the first one because I thought he was stopping me and then noticed he got really rude with a man of color who was driving behind me (I could hear him yelling from where I had stopped ahead of him). The second time because I noticed the cop aggressively riding someone's rear bumper and then flipped his lights on when there was no change in the driver's behavior. He pulled them over and I pulled over ahead of them (not behind him because that would probably cause some problems) he started in very rudely, looked up at me a couple times (now with my phone out) and let them go.
  15. Is any of what they said actually true though? Or is that just what the cops are saying? I don't see where it says it was proven that's what happened, only that the Sheriff said so... which of course he wouldn't sell out his own guys...
  16. I go from not talking to men, to not interacting with people really quickly.
  17. Also, there's no "s" it's just "NikkiNeversleep"
  18. Lol I get into moods where I just dont want anything to do with men. Like at all. Catch myself not even talking to any men, like not even normal conversation.
  19. I have been in one of my lezzzzz phases here lately.
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