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  1. Obvs doesn't follow my twitter....
  2. Also I know quite a few people who condemn Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson... who would never openly admit it.
  3. Patrice was definitely on point there.
  4. Most of the time I turn it on it is Hannity xD
  5. It's hard to listen to any of these clowns talk about much of anything in regards to this country, you can tell they ALL live lives very disconnected from what it's like to be a regular citizen.
  6. There are about 10 liberal outlets according to the brief amount of research I did last time Cash and I were talking about it. But their viewership in total is about the same as FOX tbh. Again, number of viewers doesn't prove any one side is more valid than the other. Would be saying the same thing if it was the other way around. Something being mainstream or being most followed, doesn't make it the right path or viewpoint. Not by a longshot.
  7. The number of viewers doesn't really support the validity of things. CNN has less viewers because Liberal side of media is so widespread with multiple outlets. Lol conservatives only have the one news channel, no?
  8. The irony of the Republican party's favorite catchphrase being "fake news" and being supported by a news outlet that should rename itself to "Faux News" and become a satire network.... It's too much lol
  9. Lol I missed it. You know you work too much when you think it's Thursday on a Monday.
  10. It's weird because bars stopped playing hip hop and have a ton of modern country and country from the seventies playing. Clubs pretty much play a bunch of pop dance music with the occasional Cupid shuffle or Wobble thrown in.
  11. I suppose it's more of a Euro-Centrist view, which to most people outside of the Latin community that's the same thing as white supremacy which to a degree it probably is. It's definitely still race related.
  12. Not sure about the shooter's viewpoint but in Puerto Rico the people who look more Taino than Spaniard do have groups who treat them terribly, call them slurs, and even attack them at times. Some kind of prejudice against Native people.
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