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  1. His coach stepped out of the whole fight. So the guy that helped Build GSP to where he is bailed out because of a conflict of interest, that's one more thing that sets him up to lose. While according to most accounts, even Jackson's, Condit has always spent more time with the Kickboxing Coach (WinkelJon?) than Jackson. GSP is getting set up to lose really. Knee injury, suspect chin (which explains the humping gameplans), and his head coach refuses to be involved with the camp? Ouch...
  2. you do realize in a matter of a split second GSP could lose this fight right? So no it's not 100% factual. People seem to be ignoring the knee injury
  3. If he hits GSP once like he hit you know.... everyone else in his Highlight Reel he'll KO GSP.
  4. I just feel like he really wants it more lol and I was making a joke. But seriously he is WAY better looking. And I am actually getting annoyed with GSP's voice I think Condit will stick and move like his trainer said, although I said it like boxing... which is what I know. I want him to win because he fights like he wants to win. And he has a lot of determination in his voice, GSP is just "well my knee was hurt, but i never lost the belt so I'm still champ." which may be true... but come on... say something else.
  5. Well I hope Condit wins A: He's more attractive LOL B: He seems like he really really wants it C: I'm getting really tired of GSP's voice
  6. My name is Nicole, most people call me Nikki. I'm a boxing fan turned MMA fan. I wanna get to know the sport as well as I can. So be nice if I don't understand right away haha.
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