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  1. Picks in bold, I'm pulling for Frankie but I wouldn't be surprised to see Blessed win. Main Card (10:00p ET) Main Event - Five Rounds for the UFC Featherweight Championship Max Holloway vs. Frankie Edgar Cris Cyborg vs. Felicia Spencer Geoff Neal vs. Niko Price Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Arman Tsarukyan Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Krzysztof Jotko Preliminary Card (8:00p ET) Viviane Araujo vs. Alexis Davis Hakeem Dawodu vs. Yoshinori Horie Seungwoo Choi vs. Gavin Tucker Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Alexandre Pantoja Early Preliminary Card (6:15p ET) Sarah Frota vs. Gillian Robertson Erik Koch vs. Kyle Stewart Tanner Boser vs. Giacomo Lemos
  3. I think STL has the record right now for 2 things, crimes reported and STDs.
  4. Doesn't STL have the worst numbers in Crime and Economy?
  5. I've had to defend myself, and sometimes I didn't. I'd never purposefully take someone's life and I couldn't imagine living with the guilt of having done it at all.
  6. It's not my place to decide who does and doesn't deserve to die, I don't want anyone playing "God" in my life and I'm not interested in doing it for someone else either. I've demonstrated some not so great luck in decision making, in relation to people. I'd have to be dismissed as well, as under no circumstances would I side with a death penalty conviction.
  7. Personally it just makes me uncomfortable, the idea of executing someone. Possibly a side effect of my chosen career, not sure. I had seen my father handle issues with a gun in his face, and he remained calm and walked away alive. He never carried one, nor had any in the house. He didn't believe in taking anyone's life, and somehow managed to keep his own until the tumor took him. While I can't argue against the idea that some people "deserve" to die, I also can't argue that anyone has the right to decide who does and doesn't.
  8. Where have you been? Lol I've been back.
  9. Truthfully I'm not for the death penalty. Probably one of the more "left leaning" things about my middle ground stance.
  10. You have to admit firing someone who's investigating you doesn't exactly instill a lot of confidence in your innocence to the people who are onlookers...
  11. Wait.... there are two separate political discussion threads? A liberal one and a conservative one? LMAO
  12. The original Illuminati was a Bavarian secret society comprised entirely of Bavarian pure bloods
  13. I'd be saying the same things if Hillary was president right now... I can't overlook someone's past just because they assume an important role in society. If anything it makes me MORE worried about what they used to do and now they have MORE power???
  14. To be fair, I hated Trump BEFORE he was ever president. He's everything that's wrong with this country on the surface. Easily. So it's not "no reason" he's a ****ing crook and ALWAYS has been I see no reason to overlook his past just because he's the president now. That would be asinine. I wouldn't consider myself "left-leaning" really. I'm about as in the middle as a human being can be.
  15. Still waiting on this ****ing pothole to get fixed on Superior street which I usually go through to visit my older brother. Been taking a different route lol
  16. I said just as corrupt if not more so in some cases. He's spent a lifetime being a corrupt businessman, I have no confidence in him as far as not being a corrupt politician goes. He has an agenda and his own plans. Being driven by personal selfishness may not be any better than being driven by political allegiance tbh.
  17. To be fair the only news network I watch is Fox news lol but just for the weather admittedly.
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