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  1. Not saying you're wrong, I was just looking at the supply of "news" networks out there, does that look about right? That list.
  2. Not ideal. I just don't like the popularity contest we hold every 4 years.... More people vote for American Idol than do for the President lol
  3. Just a quick search. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_cable_news
  4. I don't really watch TV so I wouldn't know to be honest.
  5. That doesn't really negate my point of the overall division in society. There's a fairly even amount of conservatives and liberals in the country, and considering most people don't vote (only like 33% of possible voters turned out for last election if I remember seeing correctly) then going by the votes would be highly inaccurate. That would simply be saying the liberals are more politically active lol
  6. I believe both are pretty "equal" as far as society goes. The people out there, yeah it's equal in my experience. I mean obviously there has to be a good number of both otherwise we'd always have Dem presidents, no?
  7. The irony being they're both corrupt as all hell
  8. Are we talking just TV? Because there's a lot of Republican/Conservative news sources out there...
  9. Well duh..... The Republican media is in bed with the Repubs.... lol that seems like a given.
  10. I just don't like any of them really. Politicians are all the same. Whole system's busted.
  11. I'm a moderate. I don't really side with anyone. I have liberal friends who think I'm conservative and conservative friends who think I'm a liberal and I like to keep it that way. My opinions aren't swayed by a label or some foolish allegiance to a party or political force/ideology. They're just my own opinion based on what I know or believe.
  12. Which is kind of my point. Things I liked about Obama had very little to do with "agreeing" with him. Some things I did, some things I didn't. More often I didn't. However I always appreciated his tact and poise. Something I can't even say about our current president. I did in fact leave the country for a while and visited some cousins of mine. Since then, I returned at the request of my brothers who live here in the states. We're all "orphans" now, with both of our parents being passed and they thought it would be better for us to stick somewhat together. I can give him credit for being really good at hanging on to his money, and obviously making quite a success of himself, though I don't think he really "deserves" any of it. But then again most people who are that successful probably did something along the way that disqualifies them from "deserving" it.
  13. 1. Byproduct of the previous legislation put in place under our prior president, when we analyze it closer. 2. It's being driven by members of his cabinet not the man himself, and with the epidemic in the last 10 years, it shouldn't be something to praise him for it's a no brainer. 3. No one's really for "free" anything in politics. It's just a fancy way of saying "more taxes." 4. Should be a no brainer. 5. Saudi Arabia called, Mr. Trump your appointment at 3. 6. See 5. 7. He doesn't do it with the "truth" that's for sure lol. He's one of our worst presidents so far, he's not really done much himself. It's either stuff that was already in place and being developed, or he isn't really responsible for it... Usually people say the President is just a figurehead, a person who has to bear the weight of the responsibility for decisions he's not responsible for.... but in this case Trump takes the cake.
  14. I don't give him that much credit. He's conniving but he's hardly subtle. He doesn't care about exposing anyone, unless it benefits him. I don't trust him anymore than any of them, because he's been one of them his whole life. He's just as bad, if not worse, than most of them.
  15. I personally consider Trump louder than all of the leftists combined lol and he has the tallest podium to spout his nonsense from.
  16. I have to disagree, they're doing an equally good job of making us look like morons these are the clowns running this country a bunch of liars, thieves, and racist morons all pushing agendas that have nothing to do with the well-being of their citizens but rather who's lining their pockets and the worst part is watching these mouth-breathing morons who are supposed to be responsible for determining who governs them cheer on this circus act, it's all a game of misdirection. When a new president is elected they'll play the game with the opposite party. And it will go like that until this country is no more.
  17. Telling anyone to "go back where you came from" is kinda ridiculous when you're a European descendant tbh.
  18. To imply anyone is incapable of "loving our country" is just an attempt to incite a passionate/emotional reaction from people who are less than informed. I could easily say it's "impossible for someone who banks in Switzerland to love our country" and that would include more than 70% of the people in charge of this country lmao
  19. Rich people wanna keep it that way lol so don't expect it to change any time soon.
  20. It's wild how stupid both parties make us all seem. Putting them in power in the first place and all.
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