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  1. The government funded the production of crack in black neighborhoods. The government killed JFK, Tupac and Biggie. Private prisons owned and operated several record labels in the 80's and 90's, and thus funded the glorification of "Gangsta Rap" thus pushing the criminal lifestyle as the way to be among young black men. Creating a whole new generation of criminals via influence, so they could continue profiting off others' incarceration.
  2. Anything to distract us from everything else, I suppose. None of it really matters. None of them actually know what they're doing. It's a big case of just "winging it" for the last few decades.
  3. Never really had to worry about it.
  4. Because I call him Daddy? That's not exactly what the holiday is for IDYB....
  5. The hot weather has somehow convinced me it's time to get in shape which I've been working on and honestly I feel really good about myself
  6. Same guy as before lol he was semi-cool with it and now he's not so cool with it. Mood swings are worse than mine.
  7. Holy headache and I thought bishes were bad
  8. You've probably seen it on my twitter a couple times ?
  9. Got his number? That is a good looking man.
  10. That was the point of initially acquiring it.
  11. Never used anything like that on a guy but I cant say I would be opposed lol could be fun.
  12. I mean it's obvious what she was doing lmao
  13. Ay. Antonio Banderas used to be a sexy mfer back in the day lol I haven't seen him recently admittedly.
  14. I've always like the sound of "Antonio" lmao
  15. Its purple and detachable from the harness it came with, you're right though it is pretty good size. Lmao
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