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  1. I'm breathing for the most part lol life is going alright, working mostly.
  2. Avoiding doing some of these papers I have to have finished by friday.
  3. Hes definitely not trolling. Lol had someone take me to a surprise concert one of his friends was doing once, that was actually pretty cool. I mean... it's hard to really take some of it seriously even if he does. Sweet man, really is. Lmao I see what you did there.
  4. Mostly just a moment that stopped me from doing my normal routine is all. Like it hit me really quick and hard.
  5. Sobercubans' fuzzy d**K... oh was it not a question???
  6. This is all you need. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/brock-turner-swimmer-olympic-hopeful-sexual-assault-stanford-university-woman-unconscious-a8090006.html
  7. Rape culture absolutely is a thing.
  8. That comment was more on an individual basis, teach young men to treat women with respect and as equals. Biologically we're very different. But that shouldn't stop anyone from doing whatever they wanna do. All the way down to societal norms, I'm cool with Stay at Home Moms and DADS.
  9. Had probably one of the most harrowing moments today.... My older brother who I rarely see anymore or get to talk to like we did when we were kids, hits me out of the blue with a link to a song that we loved when we were kids "He Lives In You" from the Lion King movies (can't remember which one). We used to call mi papi Mufasa when we were kids and I was obsessed with the movies as a little girl. He was the Lion King in our house and we were his pride. Right after I get this text from my brother with the link.... my reminder goes off on my phone "Happy Birthday Papi </3" stopped me dead in what I was doing. Don't think I was quite ready to feel like that so early this morning. What about you guys? Any heart stopping moments? Scary, sad, funny, etc?
  10. If you want to destroy rape culture, teach young men to respect women and look at them as equals.
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