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  1. http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2012/11/27/3700190/dana-white-tells-ufc-on-fox-5-fighters-to-tone-down-their-training-mma The last 6 months marks probably the worst streak of injuries the UFC has seen. Almost every single PPV card since UFC 147 has been significantly altered due to main card injuries. Most recently, we saw UFC 153 turned completely upside down when both the main event and co-main were pulled on the very same day. Now with UFC On Fox 5 just around the corner, UFC president Dana White has some advice for his fighters. Here's what Dana had to say in response to a question regarding the decision to put title fights on the Fox cards: The strategic idea is to put the best fights we could possibly put on Fox. You guys know what the last year and a half has been like. It's tough to keep a card together. What do we got, like a week and a half to go? I want to say to all of the guys on the phone, "Tone your training down a little bit." Let's not get any body injured this last week and a half. In the wake of the cancellation of UFC 151, it seems Dana is even more worried about injuries than ever. Tomorrow's news: Pustule on Rory's patch of backne explodes and it will not stop bleeding! It will definitely have to be cauterized and ultimately Rory has to pull out of his re-scheduled bout with BJ Penn.
  2. I think he had 3. He had a suplex and a couple of slams
  3. You're insane if you think Rory can take Penn down a minute into the fight. He won't get him down in the 1st round and he won't see a 2nd round.
  4. Exactly... I don't understand the thought that there's no need to do something as simple as locking a door regardless of how safe you think you may be.
  5. If Penn wanted to put this kid on his backne and smash him from top position he can do it. If he wants to stuff the takedowns and batter him on the feet he can do that too. Why is Rory considered some unstoppable wrecking machine? His best win against an actual welterweight was Mike Pyle who might make a top 25 list. Nate Diaz is a lightweight and that fight was much closer then people make it out to be. Rory scoops him up and slams him 3 times... that was about it. Lets look at the last fighter he faced... none other than Che Mills who you can make a case for being a top 50 welterweight and nothing more. Rory's debut fight was against Mike Guymon... yeah the guy that verbally submitted to a body triangle from DeMarques Johnson. Guymon wouldn't find himself in the top 200 of anyone's welterweight rankings. That leaves Carlos Condit. The only top 10 fighter he faced and he got stomped in the final frame. If you actually watch the fight instead of listening to Rogan state over and over again that Condit was down 2 rounds heading into the 3rd you will realize that 2nd round was close. Not some blowout like Rogan was spewing. This will be the first fighter he's faced with great takedown defense, boxing and BJJ with an iron chin to boot. Penn also happens to be a pretty good wrestler himself.
  6. If he stands with Penn he goes to sleep early.
  7. Gleison Tibau said he can step on the scale at 156 and step in the cage around 183-184. That ****ing guy is easily as big as GSP who really isn't that large of a welterweight these days.
  8. Media is compromised and controlled. I'm going off personal experiences. Around 3 years ago some ****ers broke into my house and stole nearly all of my clothes and my chainsaw. They left the TV and so many other things that were worth a lot more money. It was really strange and I don't like shopping for new clothes when what I had was all I needed. That chainsaw was brand new by the way. I bought it so I could cut up trees that had been mowed down by tornadoes.
  9. Some of you may live in Mayberry but not locking your door seems like a sign of ignorance and/or laziness. You have a lock on your door... it takes less than a second to lock and unlock the damn thing. Is this like some sort of **** measuring contest? Who has enough balls not to lock up the house even when your not home? I'm not paranoid but I'm prepared. I lock my door and I have a .40 cal Glock 23C with ten hollowpoints in it right next to the bed. No gun safe of trigger lock needed as I do not have children. If some crackhead breaks in my house in an attempt to steal my **** he's going to be in a world of hurt. Crazy doped up desperate mother****ers are everywhere these days. Not locking your door is asking for trouble no matter where you live.
  10. http://mma.sbnation.com/2011/11/12/2558005/ufc-on-fox-results-cain-velasquez-or-junior-dos-santos-who-was-more-injured They both had knee injuries and they both took cortisone shots genius... On the other hand one was also coming off a serious shoulder injury and a long layoff. You're welcome. Maybe from now on you can locate this **** yourself.
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