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  1. there should be sig bets to see if an episode on TUF19 with no crying.
  2. jones can't win at HW we all know that. He'll be like Kongo/Nelson he beat Cans but wont match up against top five or top seven fighters Weidman wont be champ for very long and we've seen Silva at LHW a couple times so he can dominate there
  3. I want Hendo to win, then fight newly champion Gus in Sweden.
  4. you have to cry them off this show! newly branded UFC Usual Female Crying
  5. All I'm saying is that I want one. She's writing letters to all her teammates saying "good luck, I believe in you, Whole team supports you" I bet she just has a rough copy and she just writes the same letter to everyone.... IDGAF if Pena wrote me a letter I'll show up to her room naked! but is the whole letters thing a good or bad thing, does it put pressure on the fighter to win. does it spark encouragement and excitement into the fighter of that week? usually supporting teammates is training with them hanging out with them, a personal letter? werid. She looks like a private process server handing those out. YOU'VE BEEN SERVED
  6. paperbag MAYBE or tape a photo of Pena to her face.
  7. fighter wise, um she should stay a teacher. personality wise ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ya
  8. no...................... JDS will absolutely Kill his face
  9. he getting back with his Ex, she's currently with Cain but after UFC166 she'll be all his to poke at
  10. Jones vs Gus proved that Jones is beatable and that he can't match up to somebody with his reach and height. unlike Evans, Shogun, Rampage Bader, that is why he was so dominate but with Gus he can't. Jones will get his rematch
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