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  1. best thing about this fight is that Mcgregor shot out of desperation. had he remained standing he would of got clowned. have cash and clegg killed themselves?
  2. movement coaches....lol first 1-2 combo and he ****ing broke like a ****
  3. You have to cut 90 pounds from each leg before you are allowed to get in the ring with chuck. Though you knew that mate.
  4. Junior and Cain broke each other. Junior seems gun shy now and Cain gets injured in a stiff breeze. I think Rothwell could have that belt around his waist this year.
  5. Watching that you'd think he'd never been hit before.
  6. Is his strength and conditioning coach working for Bisping?
  7. Mainlanders...... Move to Tassie. We've got bi polar weather and ice addicts
  8. Lightweights. I'd drink those cans under the table.
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