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  1. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Please comment if you think Hunt will actually win this fight so I can bump it afterwards and make you all look like complete idiots when Struve subs him.
  2. It's going to be really fun bumping this thread and making you all look like idiots when Okami beats Lombard by a boring decision.
  3. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh man MMA fans get dumber every year. Okami via UD. Mark my words.
  4. boring. dont care for faber or any of the bantamweights to be honest. boring division.
  5. You people need to stop buying into this Rousey hype that Dana feeds you lol. Ronda is a great fighter with a fantastic personality to go with it. I'd definitely be cheering for her if she fought Cyborg, but reality is reality, if she fought Cyborg, she'd get KO'd in the first. On a totally unrelated note, it's kinda the same thing with Jones. I cant stand him. And I keep telling myself that if he fought Anderson or moved up to heavyweight he would get destroyed but I really don't know.. He's just so good and I could definitely see him rag dolling Anderson and also beating the top HW's. I really really hope one day I'm prroven wrong though and Jones gets put out cold and face plants on the canvas.
  6. Cyborg is, and she would KO Ronda in the first round. Seeing as it's impossible to have a serious MMA chat with anyone on this forum, I'll just say this. Yes we've all heard the "cyborg isnt a female she's a man" jokes before so before attempting to be funny and make jokes, please try not to be too original thanks
  7. I hope most of you guys are trolling or have you seriously fallen for the hype? Wow Dana is better than I thought. Ronda is an amazing fighter but ffs she's a twig compaired to most males and for those who say size doesn't matter have clearly never been in an MMA fight before. I'm 6"2 and weigh 201 pounds, I was also in the furniture removalist business for a while so I gained a lot of muscle and strength from that. You guys need to remember that whilst Ronda is a very talented Mixed Martial Artist, there's only so far her skill can take her when dealing with guys much bigger than her. I along with 90% of guys my size would just simply outmuscle and ragdoll her. You people act like UFC fighters aren't human or something. On a side note however, I do believe most, if not all of the flyweights in the UFC would kick my ****!
  8. cant believe so many people actually think lombard is gonna win lol. okami is gonna dominate this fool to a 30-27!
  9. Don't get me wrong, I think Bendo will win, but people aren't giving Melendez the credit he deserves. The dude's a great fighter and I think he'll put up a hell of a fight against Benson.
  10. I've always thought he was extremely over rated as a ref and I think he stops fights way to early sometimes, the Lawler and Koscheck fight isn't the first time he's done that.
  11. Flyweight - With how shallow that division is, I don't see Mighty Mouse losing his belt anytime soon. Bantamweight - Cruz is light years ahead of everyone in that division, except for maybe Barao. However, I believe Cruz will beat Barao and that will leave no more worthy contenders that actually pose a threat to Cruz. He's keeping that belt for a looong time. Featherweight - Do I even need to go into detail with this weight class? No one at featherweight has the skills to beat Aldo, and for as long as he stays at featherweight, he'll remain champion. Lightweight - Benson is just too big, strong and well rounded for anyone at lightweight, he's keeping that belt for as long as he wants. I do however believe Frankie won their 2nd fight though. Welterweight - GSP is the most well rounded fighter in the UFC today. Everything he does, he does to perfection. He is the definition of a true mixed martial artist and I guarantee he'll retire with that belt. Middleweight - Silva will never be beaten at middleweight, end of story. Some people believe Weidman is the man to dethrone him but to be honest I don't really see what Weidman brings that Silva hasn't dealt with before. Its the same story everytime Silva fights, "oh this guys definitely the guy to beat Silva, he's got this and he's got that." but yet Silva wins every single time and makes you feel like an idiot for actually believing his opponent stood a chance. Weidman will be no exception. I do however believe that if Silva was to move up and fight Jones, only then would he lose. Light Heavyweight - Jones will run this division forever. He is the greatest talent and most dominant champion the UFC has ever seen. No one, absolutely no one is going to beat him at light heavyweight. Heavyweight - Cain proved in the second fight with Dos Santos that he is infact the much superior fighter and is skill wise so far above anyone in that division. He also proved that Dos Santos only has a punchers chance to beat him, if he can't land that knockout blow, Cain will dominate him. Personally I believe the person with the best chance at beating Cain is Werdum, and I still think even he'd lose pretty decisively to Cain.
  12. I was one of the people who fell for this guys hype train and believed he would be the next best thing, but after his performance against Santiago, I believe he will never be anything better than a top 10.
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