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  1. WTF? Cody was never a bully. And between them it was TJ who was more condescending.
  2. No. Ronda never came close to saying stuff like "Hey, why are you looking at me? Stop looking at me. I'll punch that smile away from you". This is basic bully talk.
  3. Haha, for some reason I only remembered him getting pounded and pounded.
  4. That's what girls say. [English sucks for not having a feminine form of "they"]
  5. Mostly in championship fights. Nothing can beat Ronda getting kicked into oblivion by Holly. McGregor getting choked gets the silver medal. Jędrzejczyk's loss goes on the 3rd place. So sweet!
  6. Griffin didn't tap to strikes vs Silva. Silva wasn't striking! He surrendered AFTER a punch.
  7. I am. And I've been ashamed of that disgraceful hag.
  8. How are your jimmies guys? Mine are EXCELLENT - courtesy of miss Rose Namajunas! Rose smashing Joanna - FANTASTIC!! Made my day!! Finally, someone got rid of that annoying arrogant bi***. Nothing sweeter than a bully getting her **** handed to her. Rose was great for bringing it up how the UFC has been taken over by WWE/McGregor-type arseholes and true virtues like respect and humility have been left on the side. GSP smashing Bisping - Nice! I've always enjoyed Bisping, but he's become an annoying ****. Good to see his fairy tale come to an end. And it was a relief not to see GSP look brain damaged after the fight. Well, kinda... Dillashaw KOing Garbrandt - I rooted for Cody, but Dillashaw's win is good for the division, sets up a nice TJ vs Crus rematch, and since Cody is the youngest, he will easily come back from this. Thompson's win - Nice! I can't stand Masvidal. Hendrick's loss - another bitter pill, it was hard to watch a former champ do so badly. On the whole, I'm very pleased with the results. Rose's win was one of the most satisfying victories for a long time.
  9. Hugh Hefner (1926-2017) - a man fulfiled. He got more BJs in a day than this forum has collectively had all of our lives. RIP, Hugh.
  10. He's 33 mate, that's super old. He needs 2 years of MMA training to even enter the octagon, by which time he is 35-36 and just barely able to defend a basic takedown or sub attempt. He wouldn't destroy anybody in the standup apart from bums and grappling specialists. He's a boxer, not even a kickboxer. The moment you add kicks and takedown threat, he's just another Joe Duffy (although Duffy has jits). Berto would get head-kick KO'd before he'd manage to unlearn all of those bad boxing habits.
  11. This just in: 4 799 514 PPV buys
  12. 5x5min rounds or 8x3min rounds with MMA gloves and it would've been FUN.
  13. Cardio wasn't an issue. It was energy management.
  14. Conor hasn't even KO'd anybody in the UFC. I mean a boxing KO where the opponent can't stand up within a 10 count. Also he always enjoyed a large reach advantage over everybody except Diaz: vs. Mendes +8" !!! vs. Alvarez +5" vs. Holloway +5" vs. Brandao +5" vs. Aldo +4" vs. Siver +4" vs. Brimage +3" vs. Poirier +2" vs. Diaz -2" A tiny disadvantage for Conor. Guess which fight he's lost? ...twice Also: vs. Floyd +2" This is the smallest reach advantage Conor's had.
  15. That's the silliest stat ever. If a clothing producer calls his new pants "Moon pants", will you debate how "100% of people who were moon pants never went to the Moon"? It's just a **** name.
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