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  1. Is there an updated list of who everyone has picked?
  2. So what if, one of your fighters gets POTN??? Extra point?
  3. No. I live and was born in Los Angeles.
  4. LOL two of my choices failed. My first was Cruz, next was Chris Holdsworth. So I said F' it. haha. But you never know. I like the way he fought in the finale.
  5. *Looks around* My turn yet? No? BRB.
  6. LOL I knew this was happening soon.
  7. Lombard was going to take Dong for a ride.
  8. This is random. I'm going with Silva. He'll still throw those heavy kicks and destroy Rory's lead leg. I don't think Rory has that Iron Weidman Shin.
  9. RoezCity

    Lawler is screwed

    LMAOOOO Lawler FTW
  10. Don't let it go to the judges. Problem solved.
  11. As far as i'm concerned, Wanderlei has nothing to do with Zuffa.... and their test.
  12. http://gtaforums.com/user/353922-arcaneknight/ I just read some of it. LMAO, what a crybaby!
  13. What about back in the day when you fought two people in the same night?
  14. I heard he has almost as much skill and power as this guy... LOL Come on man ! 10/10
  15. First post and already gotten to? Is that a record?
  16. I'm bet you could draw an original UFC event poster better than any poster we've seen.
  17. 3 years until the UFC cancel their fighting business and go full reality show Full Bellator?
  18. Betche is the only ugly girl I will root for Why?...cuz she going to take on the four horsewomen She says one down homie.
  19. God the immaturity reeks In here. You guys took a serious subject and turned it into a troll war! Please don't junk up my thread!! Trolls have been warned!!! Got it?? Shut the **** up You're the idoit that made this stupid thread and now your crying troll? WTF was this thread suppose to mean anyways? "we now have all the belts from each division"? That doesn't make sense and there are clearly champs that aren't American. It aint your fault though man. You are clearly another victim of the American education system, and I want you to know it's okay. You need to do the American thing and sue the government for you being a moron. That's how you roll in the states. Calls jayzee a victim of the American education system. Pfffftttt... The only way you got the Welterweight title was because GSP got tired of beating your guys, so it's a flawed victory. So true. Does anyone actually buy Hendricks as a legit champion anyways? I mean the guy had to have someone else vacate their title after losing to them to even win it, and then he put on a sad performance like the Lawler fight. Good ol AmeriCANS actin like there **** don't stink Uses There, instead of Their.
  20. Gus WILL defend his title...... as soon as he finds the proper security.
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