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  1. Matt Mitrione: "Oh wow i got suspended, how else am I going to make my wopping $3,000 dollars every 6 months"
  2. Matt Mitrione via twitter, :"I am a fan of transgender fighters like cyborg santos just not fallon fox", via twitter https://twitter.com/mattmitrione
  3. Matt Mitrione: Apparently Dana White sympathizes with fallon fox since they both recently lost their balls, via twitter https://twitter.com/mattmitrione
  4. matt mitrione says fallon fox lied on his license to beat up women, why suspend him? and thats reason he thinks fallon fox is a sociopath, he was a man and lied to fight women
  5. he's got a point. transphobic? because he doesn't like the idea of men fighting women? BS! Difference with disagreeing and being a bully, who says hateful things. You can disagree with Fallon Fox fighting other women without the need to be a P#$@k. yes, he crossed the line on those statements mitrione always crosses the line with crazy jokes on the mma hour mccorclke writes some of them as well, there was nothing wrong with what he said
  6. its called the mitrione minute and he always has out there jokes he said worst stuff about jenna jameson, its the best part of the mitrione minute
  7. lol, I remember that. It was going to be an exhibition boxing match since no athletic commission would sanction a pro fighter to fight a 40 something executive with some amateur boxing experience. Tito wussed out and didn't show up to the weigh in. MMA- Tito takes Dana down and GnP's him into oblivion. Boxing- Dana would actually have a chance. Once Tito saw how seriously DFW was taking the fight, he got scared and his skull spontaneously fractured. It would have been the best freakshow fight ever. Not quite. They were supposed to fight but Dana turned it into a big event, and Tito decided not to fight. Easy KO for Tito if they did fight. actually tito turned it into a big event telling all the media about it
  8. Matt Mitrione vs Allistair Overeem needs to happen
  9. Grease couldn't walk an 1/8 of a mile in the 209 without getting curb stomped into a coma. why 1/8th? That seems awfully specific Each block in stockton is 1/16th of a mile exactly, meaning he doesn't think that GSP would make it 1/2 of a block. Not really that specific IMO. only someone from the 209 would know that but wait if your from the 209 your a uneducated fool so must be from else where
  10. Your 8 years late. yea it came out on tv once in 2007 and was put on the internet for the first time in 2013 so there millions of people who have never seen it
  11. if your the many who heard about it and wanted to see it here it is Dana White vs Tito Ortiz, both fighters going to fight on ppv clause in tito contrat where dana white and tito will fight eachother, shows dana white sparring with hw boxers
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