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  1. GOATcantara vs Faber
  2. you fail at trolling man. Watch Fedor vs Hendo to see how woman vs man fights go
  3. don't be silly, that was a grappling match from the start. If it would be MMA that guy would have bodied her, he didn't even slam her but gently put her on the ground
  4. dude lost on purpose to be slapped on the **** at the end
  5. 2-3 in his last 5, broke his hand against Benson of all people, that's as far from #1 contender as it gets
  6. Iuri Alcantara - Lee had no business in there with the GOAT Mousasi - he destroyed Machida and didn't fight Weidman
  7. Poiriers biggest win is Hollaway on short notice. Also in his last 6 fights win or lose he was in trouble at some point. Dude is a lucky weight cutting can
  8. Poirier is the easiest top 10 fight for Conor. Him and Swanson will look very bad against Conor. If the UFC wants to test McGregor they need to put him up against Bermudez or Aldo
  9. a reckless can like swanson will get bodied, Bermudeath on the other hand would throw conor for 5 all day
  10. Conor's style is perfect to body Swanson within a minute
  11. have to go with macgregor, dude is surgical
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