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  1. Yep he's gonna get smashed at Middleweight but he obviously is too fat for Welter his career is all down hill with no brakes from here
  2. Cormier Bader Magomedov Eye Benavidez Rodriguez Tumenov Namajunas Martins Northcutt Cariaso Pesta
  3. Never seemed like he really wanted to fight woodley anyway Come on you're a ****ing professional the least you can do is make weight Force him to 185 or cut him
  4. Nelson Mousasi Horiguchi Mizugaki Brandao Ishihara Li Hein Johnson Anzai
  5. Now I could be wrong here and maybe someone more educated in boxing can explain this but it seems at the start of the round the round goes to Floyd Regardless of what he does he wins the round unless someone overtly takes it from him... seems like **** judging to me
  6. Pumped for December favorite fighters are conor,rumble,jacare,khabib,maia and all but Rumble are fighting in a 3 day span My liver will never forgive me for the punishment I'm going to deliver it over those 3 days
  7. He fights one more time to be 50-0.. it will be a rematch vs Pacquiao around May, they will hype this is it Floyds final fight for sure this time againist his biggest rival.. manny wasn't 100% last time but this time is different etc etc Floyd gets a 200 mill payday and 50-0
  8. By then I'll take any ufc fight, gotta be the longest time between fights this year, I need my fix
  9. Come on Floyd no one believes you aren't coming back for one more fight
  10. Floyd doesn't want to break the record...please he wants nothing more than to say im the best
  11. Pretty sad but he comes back next spring for one more and breaks the record because he will hand pick some scrub
  12. Yeah i saw that more like we aint fighting no real contender till they are past their prime
  13. Floyd won't fight him he's undefeated with real power
  14. Clearly i don't understand how boxing judging works i think Berto is winning these rounds but announcers talking like floyd is dominating
  15. Berto landing now he won't win if it goes to judges but hes landing..needs to let it all go and fight for the finish
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