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  1. UFC should be releasing levels .. Would be great to know how much more the opponent has than you !!
  2. its not gonna change ?? it may never be perfect .. but change will happen !! People standing up and speaking out is the key .. problem most athletes enhance themselves one way or another ..little guys don't wanna come out and be the "snitch" cause it could potentially ruin their chance
  3. You forgot Nick Diaz for smoking herb
  4. lance armstrong was taking EPO .. so test then didnt test for EPO .. then they got wise !!
  5. Haoki ?? that dude sucks too !! in fact Id say 99.8% of Asians in the UFC suck ... once we get closer to ripping off the japanese and chinese we may see an Asian champ .. but not for to long .. gotta switch the belt up for new markets
  6. I agree with OP !!! Just because their TRT level comes back Ok by the commission doeskin mean they haven't been overdosed before hand
  7. franky doesnt have what he used to when he first started .. acting like clay guida isnt gonna win you a fight ..neither is getting kicked or punched .., let a lone a slam he was lucky to get
  8. no way sonnen beats him .. he has no submission game and his stand up sucks .. so does his wrestling against Jones
  9. if hendo has a good level dose of TRT he might be feeling young enough for this victory
  10. yeah but securing the womens division is worth Bellator not doing it first .. Bellator is paying fighters more and more !! Cant wait till they PPV
  11. Its had to be done .. somebody has to be the dominate one on the group and chael made sure it was him
  12. im more pissed at the UFC for not match making better fights !!
  13. Sorry Jon Jones the only way your doing that is a real Super Fight !! ANDERSON Vs. JON JONES !! Dana Promised !! Pettis sent him a tweet ... LETS SEND DANA A MESSAGE !! SILVA SUPER FIGHT !!
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