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  1. Is there any breakdown for what accessible seating will be priced at. Generally it's P1, P2 and P4 depending on the arena. Any advice would be awesome.
  2. Hey Mc. Is there any early access for FC members to today's weigh in. Can't see anything in announcements or on the Event's page.
  3. Hey guys I know there's a rumoured price list from the UG for 200 posted but has the usual breakdown been sent out yet on FC? Haven't seen anything as of yet or I'm blind.
  4. Thanks Katie, Unfortunately Ticketmaster and MGM have been pretty useless for information and the accessible seats usually take on a different price structure to the standard seat base.
  5. Hey Katie, Any idea on what the pricing is for the accessible seats?
  6. you'll be fine. The teenager just won't be allowed to loiter on the casino floor.
  7. Hey Rovert, You'll most likely need a ticketmaster.ie or ticketmaster.co.uk account. The ticketmaster.com site doesn't seem to link back to the European sites. Just the parent company is the same. @Ricky_Mar22 The last two Dublin card involved tickets that were free access for weigh ins. Best thing to do is keep an eye on the announcements that are made on here. Hope that's some help.
  8. It's something that's always been there. As with anything just get in as early as you can and you should be fine. Not sure what the percentage of tickets are that get assigned to Pre-Sales and I doubt that figure is going to appear any time soon. I'd assume some percentage has to be kept for General Release.
  9. Thanks Katie. Hopefully it's along the same lines as the 187 pricepoints. Thank you for checking.
  10. @sweeneyjo if you're buying from Europe you'll need a Ticketmaster.com account. A European one will not work generally from my experience. This is my 7th venture over to the States so unless anything has changed since September I'd say that is your safest bet to have a ticketmaster.com account set up. Usually they'll give you the option of Will-Call pick up or e-ticket as there will be no postage options if you live outside of North America.
  11. Hey Katie, Is there any breakdown on accessible seating prices at the moment or should it be the same as 187?
  12. @rackydj with Ticketmaster.com they allow you to set the value of ticket you want. Depending on the volume in on the pre-sale they may also give you the option to select the precise seats on a map of the arena. @Steday88 pricing looks the same as Jones vs. Johnson in May. I'd suggest using that as your guide for pricing zones as the MGM generally stick around the same sort of thing. If you're looking to be in the first risers of an area usually the lowest end on the price scale starts about 5 rows from the back.
  13. Howdy ladies and sirs, I thought setting up a thread for folks that might be making a first trip over to Vegas for a fight week may come in handy as I can see a lot of tour operators trying to rip off fans at home with bad room offers. If you've any questions or need a little help working out what way to do things feel free to hit up this thread. I'm sure someone on the board will be able to answer any questions you may come up with if you're a Vegas virgin or if this is your first trip to a UFC on foreign soil. Everybody is pumped for this card. Let's make it a week to remember.
  14. It's going to mean a change in marketing for a lot of companies who base their marketing around Walk Out tees. Roots of Fight have shown it's possible to have a presence without plastering yourselves all over fight weeks. The key thing is no-one has come out with figures for how much a fighter will be making under the Reebok deal. When that information comes to light you'll have a better idea if it's good for the fighters. Given the recent spate of fighters not getting paid by brands (think Fear the Fighter had three come out about them). Guaranteed pay may mean a lot less headaches for fighters.
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