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  1. Wish I hadn't slept on Invincible. Just getting into it.
  2. This Chelsea game is s**t. Felt bad for LEI too. Refs pulled a hat trick of chitty wok calls against them.
  3. Tried watching Mare of Easttown. Show died when THAT character died. Couldnt even finish it. They massacred my boy.
  4. They should have taken note from Iron Man 3. Not everybody can be Die Hard and pull off the Christmas shooter movie.
  5. Based on the internet reaction, i might be the only one that thinks this looks kinda terrible
  6. Kinda awkward when the clan leader needs kicked out
  7. Can u stop using ur hipster attacks so u finish ahead of Osian. He's unsufferable when he finishes near the top.
  8. mate it's not like they've already made 2 chitty wok sequels and some of the cast didn't return after reading the script and the Wachowskis last film was nominated for multiple Razzi Awards.... i see no red flags here.
  9. Weird seeing it without the Matrix filter but i'm cautiously optimistic
  10. Makes sense but I'm just going to push the conspiracy that Osi did it cause he thought it would count towards his donation ratio.
  11. I'm just gonna say it. "Donda" is trash.
  12. Day 1 Non-Osi CC filler. No questions asked. Would like to get to the bottom of who filled all the war CCs with super goblins. That's a very Oink move.
  13. I did the maf this morning. At 9 donated 3450 received. His ratio was like 1/383. He's gud.
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