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  1. The closer we get, the more it feels like a rerun of 2016. The polls are all over the place. The virus peaking right now even favors Trump because his idiot base embrace going out in public. Calling it now Trump gets bodied again in the popular vote. Wins electoral. Civil War 2 starts mid November. Trump supporters learn to weaponize Covid since they make up 90% of the cases. The south wins the rematch and promptly reverses slavery laws. Rick Astley comes out with a long awaited darker 2nd single titled "Gonna Give You Up" directed at America for it's failings.
  2. POTUF

    Suck it

    Gaejthie retired him
  3. The difference is you dummies post opinions on here that are dumb enough that they could have only come from Fox news. If Zerk isnt posting links to youtubers streaming from their closets, hes posting Fox screenshots. Ive never watched CNN, have never voted Dem, and only know the Dumbocrat reporters you dummies tell me about. Tell me more about how im a lib zombie tho when some of u live in lib chit holes and hated Trump 4 years ago.
  4. lol at anybody that says Fox is anything but Trump State Media.
  5. https://wgnradio.com/news/biden-campaign-launches-trumpcovidplan-com-a-site-that-reads-not-found/ 🤣
  6. lol not even the paid shills on Fox agree with this tereible hot take with all due respect. Chris Christie (his own coach) looked like his son just came out as gay right after the debate. My bosses are both Bezerker level Trump zombies and both came in depressed the day after both debates and didnt talk to anybody. It was glorious.
  7. lol all i've heard the last couple days is fake outrage on Fakes News about Hunter Biden and them desperately trying to bring Biden down with him. Just like Biden haters are desperately still trying to cling this narrative that Biden is a walking disaster/gaff machine/senile. What does that say about Trump then that he got bodied in black to black debates by somebody who is supposedly senile. I never said Trump couldn't win cause of his fook ups. I said he won't win cause he'll fook up the country. If Trump loses it's cause Trump beat Trump and now he's suicide bombed my entire party on his way out.
  8. Isn't that kind of how elections work tho. One candidate being less chitty than the other. If the president wasn't f****** up so much it wouldn't always be in the news. Literally all Biden has to do is have a pulse on Nov. 3rd after Trump has s**t the bed so many times.
  9. https://preview.redd.it/4hmydgeyruu51.gif?format=mp4&s=b06962445b496ec81b598241e88d7cf7e993b09e
  10. We'd be a 3rd world country under Shillary by now. The election didnt fail anybody. The 2 parties did when those were the 2 best candidates they could muster. But i guess every poll is fake news now because polls had Hillary winning before Comey opened up the investigation again days before the election...
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