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  1. JJ Fish jacking Shady Champs swag again
  2. Im underwelmed but have to tune in for it to either get better or a train wreck of cultural phenomenon proportions. I think once they break the wall down, these first 2 episodes will pay off for how much they committed to them and the reveal will be a big piece of this phase. Maybe Mephisto as the phase 4 villain.
  3. Thoughts on all these randies in the new Mortal Kombat movie?
  4. Did you ever binge the Weird History channel btw. I need your hot take. Speaking of hot takes, yours is also needed in the Star Wars thread. Nyte and juice having passive opposing opinions on Kylo isn't the spicy debate I was expecting.
  5. I liked Fable but I just meant the morality system affecting the gameplay
  6. The chance that any of these are celebrated in any way with releases or announcements is probably pretty low but thought this was pretty neato
  7. Trump holds half the Presidential Impeachments... and in just 4 years. What an accomplishment.
  8. What do you have against my favorite radar technician
  9. Thread has been peaceful for too long. Who has the Spaceballs to leave their hot takes: Favorite Jedi: Favorite character: Least favorite character: Favorite light saber battle: Favorite movie: Least favorite trilogy:
  10. Have been waiting so long to read this headline https://www.yahoo.com/news/lucasfilm-games-announced-official-brand-200747783.html
  11. lol not sure how I missed this but tag me in here next time you're jumping over. Chat gets buried pretty quick.
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