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  1. Haha sorry i missed this. The funniest is the people that argue that it gets them higher in weight than others in their clan that spend all that gold on infernos, eagle, and other defense.
  2. Just need FinishHim and 18 friends to chip in and im in
  3. I haven't used it yet but I would think the best use of the unicorn is with a QC to save you 14-28 troop spaces by only using 3-4 healers instead. Otherwise, seems like the owl is the way to go. Found this video showing both but i'll look the other way on the underwhelming RC because i've been selling wolf tickets on the benefits of a Champ Charge since TH13 came out
  4. Hes a great character and love what the MCU has done with him but cant see how he fits in with the MCUs Thunderbolts like theyre planning. His ideals dont seem to be in line with what Ross is going to do. Will still take any more Zemo i can get.
  5. You know you're doing something right when you're taking over a sacred roll and still get a reaction like this
  6. Just realized the guy playing the new Cap is Kurt Russell's son.
  7. lol I remember one of the Stephanies was maxed 10 minutes after TH13 dropped. Fun fact: We're now in the same CWL league as SpartaUK. Not sure we're in the same league competitively but would be a fun match up.
  8. Is anybody still friends with Chewie or know if he's still taking up residence at FF? I'm curious how his wait for TH15 is going?
  9. Book of building on the TH. Not the hammer. There are more expensive buildings to hammer it sounds like. Then lab and CC and pet shop if youre not buying the level 2 pet shop in the starter pack. Sounds like will need to upgrade storages too. Upgrade TH defenses, builders, and infernos first. Then eagle, scatters, and the rest in that order apparently. Unicorn and owl to level 5, then everything else. This ^ is my understanding from what ive read.
  10. What have you worked out so far cause I have no idea. I haven't managed my medals very well either thinking TH14 wasn't coming till years end. Just sold BoE for gems not long ago thinking I'd see another before the update.
  11. 12+ damage x 5 inferno streams x 3 infernos + 105 damage for extra stream × 3 infernos Is almost 500 extra damage from infernos per second. Maybe heals will be enough to counter it still. Im ok with hybrid taking the crown again if im wrong
  12. The year is 2024 and Knighty is still refusing to upgrade to TH14 because he's finally figured out how to 3 star using spam attacks. The more I hear about this update, the more game breaky it sounds. Lavaloon, hybrid, and spam all take a hit in this update. I think we all know what this means...
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