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  1. Khabib just holding the #1 P4P ranking for GeGOAT
  2. I'm convinced The Right has given up on the economy and operates solely to boost the meme economy at this point.
  3. Skin for next season. My theory is Supercell is going to put out matching skins like they've done for 3 of the 4 heroes like they've done with the Gladiator set and now pirate set and then make people pay separately for the final matching skin. Just Supercell things.
  4. mate, if they just stopped testing the temperature, they would have had less cases of hypothermia.
  5. Yea that one was pretty gay. Can you direct me to wherever Zerk is getting Hunter nudes and i'll just post those.
  6. oof. Yea it will be a fun ride till it gets nerfed. Also, how many 1 AM pee breaks do they have over there in Sweden?
  7. Saw the DOW dropped 800 points today under Hunter Bidens America
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