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  1. god damnit. I came in here to say exactly this ^
  2. Imagine losing 4 billion cause some fuqboi moved your bottles
  3. lol poor Iowa. Will check how full Sparta is but agreed. Maybe make one of your passive aggressive ultimatums for Hank to retake the lead. I dont think he will, especially coming off that CWL performance and Osian seems settled in especially with new reruits. I imagine he'll send us packing but not the biggest loss moving on anyways.
  4. So Osian was triggered over people 1 starring from using the wrong army and then proceeded to give a bonus to NoBiggie who had a couple 1 stars this CWL? Then his friends Abe and pfinky who also finished at the bottom? Then they tried to bury it? Yea im good with moving on. As long as we get custody of Kuro. Clan has gone downhill under Osian anyways and it would be hilarious if they got demoted under him and then lost the people that finished in the top 3 in CWL.
  5. You, Juice, and, Knighty need to get guud or else
  6. Juice having an all time P5P CWL. Even more impressive that its in probably our last stint at Champs for a while against nearly maxed bases. Noticing a huge difference in hybrid effectiveness between new TH14s and nearly maxed TH14s the last couple CWLs. I think the attack will be pretty much shelved going forward now that people are getting maxed. My only 3 star this war came from spam. Also, Hank needs to overthrow Osian. Getting a bit tired of his cherry picking and then proceeding to drop words of encouragement like "get a 3 star FFS" 🤦‍♂️ He was pretty quiet when he 1 starred last round.
  7. Beat them into the living death
  8. I've been enjoying the anti-Zach Snyder sentiment on on the fora lately so I'll watch 150. Get halfway through 300 and shut it off.
  9. I find Tig Notaro nearly insufferable and find a direct correlation to how much I dislike her to the trajectory of her career. The more popular she's gotten, the less I understand and dislike her more.
  10. Somebody could slander a movie with the most descriptive insults, and all they have to do is say it's worse than Blade 3 and I get just what level of s**t tier it really is.
  11. ...I had no idea dude was almost 90 ☹️
  12. Did anybody see the story arc Snyder released for what would have been his Justice League trilogy. I guess it was set in place well before the 2017 Justice League movie but thought it was funny nobody was mentioning how it was a carbon copy of Infinity War-Endgame. Darkseid comes to earth, wins, and kills half the Justice League at the end of JL2. JL3, they go back in time to stop it and at the end, Batman sacrifices himself for the win. DC was planning to be Walmart Brand Marvel all along.
  13. lol which hit was this ^ I need to see this.
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