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  1. Nice. Hop over to new clan unless you're in war but good group. @juice64011 New clan im in has rejuvenated my CoC jimmies a bit. Leader actually leads and they're base builders so it's gets pretty nerdy. Jump over.
  2. I think a re-read is in order good sir. Was just having a giggle at Drumpf saying if Biden won, the market would crash. Biden won and the market has been surging, including breaking 30k for the first time following the news that Trump was essentially conceding.
  3. When a Swedish Brit expat knows more about the American stock market/politics than the American debating him... It's funny how Always Trumpers - not necessarily Stompgrind - want to give Trump credit for all the stock market gains but none when it's someone else. Anybody arguing that an administration and their policies and the faith that investors have in them, don't play a huge role in the stock market, need to heed the wise words of Warwest and slap them damn selves.
  4. Yes it does and literally every market analyst has said so. Hence why its gone up ever since its looked like Biden won it. Yes, the vaccine too but if Biden winning would tank the stock market so badly, why is it rising everytime Biden makes a cabinent hire or when odds go down for Trumps chances.
  5. lol Trunk said pre-election that if Biden won, the stock market would crash and it just passed 30,000 for the first time ever.
  6. Alright, i need to hear @juice64011s hot take since he liked Genki's post
  7. This is a fair counterpoint. I guess the difference is you don't see Lib politicians crying foul for school shootings and then recommending somebody to office on the merit of an abortion kill streak.
  8. Poor Bwana is the Switzerland of the fora. Or if youre not a history buff, hes this cheerleader
  9. I get why people would feel this way and it definitely toes that line, especially last season but not sure how you came to that conclusion after watching that episode. It gave some great backstory, referenced all 3 trilogies, and some foreshadowing for this season and even for sequel trilogy. I think people forget the scale of this story. Yea, sometimes it feels like side quests but Mando isnt a Skywalker. He cant play too big of a role in the timeline cause the timeline is already set. If anything, i feel like they try to shoehorn in too much fan service to satisfy fans but here we are with Ahsoka, the dark blade, and Bo-Katan. I expect the rest of the season to be fire with Filoni directing the next episode, and Ahsoka and Boba's reappearance but so far so good i thought.
  10. SPOILER Also, as a DragonBall Z Stan, I secretly always enjoyed the idea of midichlorians being a gage for power levels and how it triggered fans so im glad to hear it back after 20 years when they sneak in that comment about Baby Yodas "M Count" Also, at what point are these no longer call backs/homages and just copy/pasting. Would like to give the benefit of the doubt when you see the Star Destroyer enter the frame just like in the first shot of the OT and then Moff Gideon looking very Vader like on board but then you have the opening scene that felt copy/pasted from the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with Baby Groot and the bomb and then Rise of Skywalker ripping off Avengers Endgame. Is what happens when Disney owns everything i guess.
  11. SPOILERS P5P episode. Glad to see the over arcing storyline of the season starting to take shape. Got some more cool back story on Baby Yoda and Cara Dune's character and some foreshadowing for the rest of the season. Was nice to see Mando's dog fighting skills and was neat seeing Carl Withers directed the episode at the end. As more of the season goes on, I dont think Boba will heel turn and will just have a small role in the end where he and Mando go HAM back to back or something.
  12. lol he's fooked post-presidency if thats his legal team
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