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  1. You're telling me that a man that would paint himself brown when campaigning in Border Bunny country, would pander to voters?
  2. Is this a question or a realization?
  3. Found this today. A game where you have to guess the over/under on the biggest movie budgets in comparison. lol "John Carter" https://moreorless.io/game/cost-of-movies
  4. The only people that hate Romney are Trump tards and people that don't like people that blow out birthday candles respectfully. You don't strike me as either...?
  5. Mo is showing shades of Sassy W. with these war CCs
  6. Can't find the link now but they just did a trial in the states and it had no effect. Another. https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamhaseltine/2020/03/25/study-shows-hydroxy-chloroquine-is-ineffective-against-covid-19---so-what-now/#69d64bd1409b His own task force doctor doesn't believe in it. Not only is Trump pushing something with no proof that he has a vested interest in, it was reported that the major producer of hydroxychloroquine paid Trump's lawyer big money to get a meeting with Trump to have him invest in it. Trump is a snake oil salesman and you marks are buying ALL the wolf tickets.
  7. Trump's ratings in free fall. Down 8 points to 55% of the country disapproving of his handling now. I'm sure blaming the WHO for only notifying him in January when he was calling it a hoax and denying it for months after will work "like a miracle" too
  8. I honestly can't tell if you guys are asking genuine questions or just that balls deep in your Trump trolling. This sounds like one of those mock Trump accounts on twitter ^ Discredit the media X Justifying chitty wok behavior X Discredit studies that don't push your agenda X They just released findings for their trials here in the states and found it ineffective. Trump pushing something he owns a stake in financially with no evidence is similar to the senators that cashed out before anybody knew about the coming crash, except it's much worse because lives are involved. Remember how triggered you guys were when Obama wore a tan suit though.
  9. Is this like when Trump blamed the WHO?
  10. If only there was countless studies and evidence linking pneumonia to coronavirus you big dummy.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/donald-trump-stake-company-hydroxychloroquine-112913777.html oops
  12. Darth Kennedy is secretly a Trekkie sent to kill the franchise. Look into it. The open letter I read was supposedly from one of JJ's friends talking about how Kennedy and Disney trimmed a lot of back story that wouldn't have made the Palpatine reveal so jarring. Are you talking about the new High Republic show characters being modeled after Rey? https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/lucasfilm-reveals-details-jedi-knights-star-wars-high-republic/#gallery-5
  13. Its almost as if it had something to do with the coronavirus. But you wouldnt know anything about that.
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