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  1. Knives Out and Looper are like the 2 hot Jenner sisters and The Last Jedi is Bruce
  2. Apparently they're toying with the idea of releasing it in installments. With the amount of s**t Snyder is talking, the reaction is going to be a spectacle one way or another.
  3. I know but if I put one with Rian in it, I wouldn't be able to point out how Rian's movie was so bad it killed JJ's career as well.
  4. My opponent is against energy.
  5. In the same week that the Trump campaign doctored a photo of Biden (a devout Catholic) praying in Church, Trump (an idiot) said this https://mobile.twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1291431249844862981
  6. If the Boys is s**t next month then we truly are living in the worst timeline this year.
  7. Sorry yea I figured people would know cause it's the only reason I come in this thread other than to call Oz a foglet. You got out at the right time then cause those first episodes cat fished me into thinking this would be a good show. The first 2 seasons were actually a decent watch but it's turned into Telemundo this season.
  8. Am I the only one watching this show. Season 3 has been a shark jumper for me. If it wasn't for the cinematography/backdrop, it would be almost unwatchable. The season has had a lot of big reveals and turns and it still somehow feels like nothing has happened with only 3 episodes left.
  9. It reminds me of that Star Wars meeting where Rian Johnson killed the careers of everybody in the room
  10. I wonder if dude bails have way through a jerk as to only kill half his children
  11. Please stay on topic in here. This is an Ellen Appreciation thread.
  12. This ^ I was relieved to finally expose myself as an Ellen Stan with another alpha like Cash coming forward but now ill wait to see which side were on.
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