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  1. It feels like a good catalyst for retirement
  2. lol i'll be joining crangs in the B league after that hit. Serves me right for abandoning e drags.
  3. Yea, this was me logging on to find 5 unfilled requests. Telling them to fook off and logging off. Tribal said the same this morning. Not a 1/1 donation ration in sight.
  4. Logged on the other day and had the same reaction that Juice had when he jumped over one day...
  5. It's almost like they just reopened a country that had been closed for 2 months....
  6. Trump just said he hopes that George Floyd is looking down on him and seeing today's job numbers as a "great day for him" 🤣 When asked how it can be considered "a victory" for African Americans when the white unemployment rate went down and black unemployment went up, Trump's response was "you really are something"
  7. I'm posting this GIF because it makes me feel better about Ronaldo just being the first to make a billion in career earnings
  8. https://gfycat.com/colossalangelicimperialeagle
  9. This main event just ended racism with blacks and whites in agreement.
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