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  1. TUF Finale! I can't wait for this one!!!

  2. UFC 178: DILLASHAW VS BARAO II!!!!!!!

  3. UFC 178!! The return of Cat Zigano, DC vs Bones and the Notorious vs Porier!

  4. Does anyone know about the signings in downtown? I'm trying to find out and decide if I want to go to Lion fights or the autograph signings. Also, I tried to RSVP for the movie night and that address doesn't work. Help me..
  5. I think that Holly Holmes needs to stop padding her career stats and fight some real competition. I've watched one or two of her fights and so far Ronda would smash her quick. She needs to go to Invicta and fight some real competition and gain the respect of "real" fans before the UFC throws a dollar at her. So far, I wouldn't spend a dollar to watch her fight (I haven't so far) and I think if the UFC jumped at her it would set a precedence for other fighters. Holly needs to fight REAL competition.
  6. That was crazy! i lost a few tickets but I guess they finally got it resolved. this was the first time, i've ever had an issue with ticketmaster. thanks for letting us know.
  7. lol! At least he has lovers like Cain does. That's real nice. It's always fun to go to a fight and then hear the silence when all the fanboys favorite falls prey to someone they knew he could beat. It always fun plus you win tons of money!
  8. Bye bye Jake. I love every time the UFC decides to thin the herd, everyone has a fit. lol! The only thing I don't understand is they cut Jake (who has a resume) but kept TJ Waldburger. That I don't understand. TJ is the luckiest man in the MMA world.
  9. I've seen little discussion about this card on the forum. Is anyone excited about this card? I am!! It might be because I'm a huge Ronda Rousey fan but this match up is intriguing! There has been alot of changes to the card due to injuries, etc but all in all I think it still looks pretty good. Aside from 172, this is one of the best cards of the first quarter I think. What fights on this card and upcoming cards (171, 172, etc) are you guys looking forward to and why?
  10. Hello, i have gotten one magazine (Ronda Rousey on the cover) with my subscription and have not received any more. I believe the current issue is out but i still haven't received it in the mail. Don't we get a free subscription to the UFC magazine with our Ultimate membership? Please let me know. Thank you.
  11. And sorry for complaining so much. Usually, I'm much happier. \:D/
  12. If you are the one I met.. you are awesome and I can't wait to see you improve things here for us! I'm glad we have a voice!
  13. I didn't think this was fair at all. Johnny earned the no. 1 contender spot and GSP should be fighting him next period. If after he wins or loses the UFC decides to make this wacky fight with Silva then so be it but why would you deny Hendricks this opportunity. It isn't fair. GSP is so afraid of being knocked out that I think he's gonna take the Silva fight cus it buys him more time with the title. This was really disppointing to hear.
  14. dinfamousboogie-1


    Living in the SF Bay Area? Join my Fantasy Pool (on UFC.com/fantasy), The Bay's Finest! I'm doing pretty well for two events. I'm ranked 380 and hope to crack the top 100 after April 6th. No matter where you live, there's a bay area so if you want to join in on the fun, you're welcome too! Let's have some fun! www.ufc.com/fantasy
  15. Here's a few of her fights. Check them out of YouTube. She's a beast!! Real aggressive. She used to do muay thai, also. I think she's gonna pressure Tate and crumple her. Here's one before she was Zigano, she was Albert. http://youtu.be/-F76Gbb_02w This was her latest win over Raquel Pennington at Invicta 3
  16. Who do you think will win? Me, I'm leaning towards the "Alpha" Cat!
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