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  1. How come is the UFC not promoting this fighter. I rarely come here to post things. But it's a bit frustrating how a fighter with a 6 fight winning streak who's always entertaining is not promoted properly and talked about. Not only by the UFC but from media outlets. He's one of my favourite fighters always looking for the finish. What do you guys think?
  2. I also thought Frank won the fight. Close fight nonetheless. Both guys were looking amazing in their last fights. Unfortunetly they fought very conservatively giving the high profile fight it was. That being said. I want to see Frank Mir mixing it up a bit more. He did manage to get a takedown but wanted to ground and pound instead of looking for submissions his jiu jitsu looked sloppy for his standars fast hands though. Andrei should be more aggressive thats how he wins fights pushing the pace and mixing it up with faints and nocking out his opponents in the first. Cheers
  3. I believe this two guys would make a great fight what u think?
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