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  1. Place seems dead or maybe just overly quiet Less retard in the Outside section too Idyb still posting walls of text on the video game thread though
  2. What's a good single player game to pick up? Last 2 games i played was Rdr2 and Assassins creed Odyssey. Both pretty goat. Thinking about investing in Origins but not sure if its a massive step back from Odyssey
  3. Which thread had all the bewb gifs in?
  4. Hello young sir It took me a hot minute to figure out how to do that This place has changed
  5. Add Cashflow to my team me old chum
  6. What you guys think about Fallout 76? Sounds stoopid to me. Prefer the old single player experience
  7. Just paid £52.99 for Call of Duty Like **** when did games get so expensive
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