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  1. the real retards are the GSP fans who think this is a vandeter against GSP by Diaz fans this is an issue with the Commission, it makes no difference what the fighters weight was. what matters is the way the Commission handle this and what they have said now please, think before you reply to my post that i have clearly stated it dosent matter what they weighed. i said that because it is probably impossible to find out because the Commission acted in a very strange manner this is an issue with the Commission and the UFC's response shows they are taking this very seriously Its a true issue about equality.
  2. He only weighs in with shorts on because the commissions force him. Everybody knows he wants to weigh in nekkid and about 4 beads deep in his butthole. and that's where Nick's argument loses weight [no pun intended] because had GSP of taken those shorts off on the scale he would of been 169 myth busted Whats the next myth your gonna bust ?
  3. Yeah man boobs ¡¡ OMG !! u just got merked bruv. Derp what are you 12? lol No but thought it was a cool thing to say.
  4. in other words, they knew GSP was over 170, and they knew it wouldnt matter as long as he was under 171 Who the f*** knows. Whole thing is retarded, led by team retard Team retard rocks this boat
  5. Yeah man boobs ¡¡ OMG !! u just got merked bruv. Derp
  6. Boobs are over hyped gay Your gay
  7. Im one of the biggest Silva bashers out here, but I am not even gonna try to pretend like he doesnt belong there. Yes hands down. I cant deny his skill, I just dont like him. The guy is the best striker out there. Whats wrong with him? He oozes awesomeness.
  8. Identity

    UFC Promoting

    Grudge matches sell. End thread
  9. How could you keep out Wandy. He is a true warrior and fan favourite.
  10. mods, please move to outside section Well its different from the usual Gsp stuff
  11. Jake uses wrestling to get it to the ground and then uses pretty much badass bjj.
  12. It would be cool but things had to be sacrificed to get this sport where it is today.
  13. I'm proud to say ive NEVER been 'gotten to'.
  14. Dana white doesnt exist, its just gsp in a fat suit. Derp
  15. Identity

    Official Excuse List

    It feels quiet without a Gsp hate thread.
  16. In all due respect for the deceased, mask has no ****ing right to be in a HOF for making TapOut shirts. if he can get in, so can matt brown. I hate kids that have tapout shirts, buncha posers I like Tapout....
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