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  1. @ Canadian Connection There are some legit threads out there...I have an on going threat series where I go into great detail on a subject...they are called (The Truth)...I have not had any thing I felt that needed one in a while but I am kinda proud on how many comments they get and how well the debate goes really well The next one ill be doing is a detailed thread on weight cutting...ill be talking bout the past fighters who have cut to a new class or moved up and the effects it has had on thier career If you have any subject you feel important enough and had a lot of data and facts (really important to have data I can look up) I maybe willing to pour the needed effort into making it Be on the look out for "Weight Cutting (The Truth) Vol.V"...it should be out in bout a week Sounds like you should be writing a book
  2. A loss to anderson cos if he lost to Sonnen that would make Sonnen the LHW champ and that would be messed up.
  3. Identity

    Referee Mistakes

    I remember Yves making a bad stop at 158 but cant remember who was fighting... I don't think it was bad. The refs are trained to call a fight if a fighter falls limp. He wasn't KO'd, but the way he fell was bad, if I remember correctly. But some fighters recover much faster and some refs need a bit more patience as this isn't a streetfight and there's alot riding on these to have any ' ifs n buts ' after a bad stoppage.
  4. It was a sucked up Frank Trigg.
  5. Identity

    Referee Mistakes

    I remember Yves making a bad stop at 158 but cant remember who was fighting... elkins/carvalho Yeah that was it. Some guys have real quick recovery whereas most don't. The line between early and late stoppages is super thin.
  6. So who did fight Diaz at 158...hmm
  7. Identity

    Referee Mistakes

    I remember Yves making a bad stop at 158 but cant remember who was fighting...
  8. also, if thats your attitude then everyone in Jones division should just leave the company, good logic you have there Im only talking about Rashad and do you actually believe he will beat Jones, i dout he'll ever get another chance at LHW belt. Like i said he can no longer hang with the LHW's.
  9. Why the **** would they cut him? Its get boring watching him loose, so they throw him to get destroyed 1 last time against hendo. he has lost his last 2 and only 3 in his whole career. the losses have been genuine tough fights but if he gets back into the groove he will be fine. JBJ isnt going anywhere, so sure he get back to winning ways but he'll alway come up short against jones.So whats the point.
  10. Why the **** would they cut him? Its get boring watching him loose, so they throw him to get destroyed 1 last time against hendo.
  11. If I had my long term financial needs secured and another hobby I'd retire early if I were him. Why not? Otherwise he'll end up like every other old, past prime fighter who racks up a slew of career tainting loses before a semi-forced retirement. And dodge that 1 question in my career that is Anderson silva.
  12. Can't wait to see that ****y grin imprinted on the canvas.
  13. How im not banging brittany palmer is a lie
  14. He's known as the Laying n Praying Mantis of the underworld.
  15. Thats why gsp lays n prays for the garuantee win. Money laundering.
  16. Training with Jackson will only lead him to fighting like a beaten housewife.
  17. Big Nog's a 36 yr old in the body of a 55 yr old and that guys been in wars. Gsp has no excuse to not carry on for another idk 5 years at least.
  18. Anderson will send him off into retirement next year. Not even trolling here. Georges wants him as his retirement fight and, win or lose, he wants to quit after that. GSP wants absolutely nothing to do with Anderson Silva. He will continue to duck that fight and will probably retire before accepting it. GSP reminds me of Josh Samman on the current season of TuF. GSP makes ducking Anderson Silva as blatant as Samman ducked Hall. Although I really can't blame GSP. Anderson would put a beating on him. I think Zahabi basically confirmed those masterplan reports that came out a while back. He didn't deny any of it, but said it would be nice if things worked out that way. Meaning, Georges only has one or a few title defenses left and then he'll agree to meet Anderson. He doesn't like to talk about it because overlooking his immediate opponent cost him once, but he does have a goal that he wants to accomplish and Anderson is the toughest boss at the last level. Well I hope I am wrong about GSP not wanting the Anderson fight, but I truely believe he wants nothing to do with the Spider. GSP has never shown any interest of fighting someone in a higher weightclass then him, and not only is Anderson in a higher weightclass he is arguably the best fighter in the world. I felt that way, too, but these Zahabi interviews in the last few months have been very encouraging. Also, I get the sense that Dana has already talked extensively with Georges about it, particularly after the Condit fight, and agreed to certain terms with regards to the conditions and other details. It seems like there's quite a bit of dialogue going on between Dana and Anderson, as well, and it's going very good (they bought him a Bentley after a three-hour discussion, after all). I just think the latter two want it too bad for this thing not to happen within the next two years or so, and even if Georges is against it -- which I don't believe to be the case anymore -- he's really not that big enough of a diva to trump the Dana card when it comes to the final decision of these things. I figure it makes sense to do Silva-Jones in New York at the end of the year, then do Silva-GSP at the Cowboys Stadium in 2014. JMO. I see these superfights being put to the side just for NY.
  19. Gsp will fight two more easy fights then retire, passing the belt to someone else. Only to come out of retirement to fight silva in a one off thus giving gsp a good deal of excuses to use for when he looses, such as coming out of retirement to fight Silva as ' Something for the fans '. I don't know how easy his last two fights are going to be if the UFC actually matches him with the number one contenders. It isn't like Dan Hardy(no offense to Hardy fans) is next in line again. These guys know what GSP is going to do out there. GSP has been coming out of his fights looking like hatchet wound. He will lay n prey hendricks, we know this. I think Ellenberger would be after which would end in the same way. Gsp just does'nt feel like he is evolving along with everyone else, so he know's his time short.
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