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  1. Oh i hope so id make that my last stop before i fly back to Austraila
  2. Oh **** i hope not.. Thats the same weekend as Wrestlemania and i wanna go to both
  3. Anyone heard any rumors about when and where the Finale for the Aus vs Canada TUF series will be?
  4. All good looks like its being broadcast tomorrow on Fuel Tv here in Austraila
  5. Anyone heard any details of when TUF Brazil 2 is going to be broadcast to the rest of the world like the US obviously and Austraila. I quite enjoyed the 1st series and am keen to see this series too
  6. Hey guys im coming over from Austraila for the TUF final and wondering if there is going to be a Fight Club party after the Weigh Ins or any other UFC events/ apperances over that week as im keen to meet some other UFC fighters and Fight Club mates to have a chat
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