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  1. Just depends if Kahabib can get his hands on him before being knocked out which is a big IF BUUUUUT IF he does lay hands on the little Irish clown well its game set match, you think he mauled Johnson well that's nothing compared what he'll do to the ging. Khabib understands I'm sure he'll probably get only one shot to finish him and Khabib will get it done round one of course.
  2. I think joke is the right word for this fight but I am happy for Hendo as it gives him a more than legit chance to finally win a belt. As for Bispeng, this is nothing more than a outside chance for him to defend the belt 1 time. I think we all know if he fought the fighters he should be that he would be a 1 and done champ. There wont be anymore miracles for that d bag !! I'll bet anything the whole staff on the FS1 channel will be secretly hoping and praying that Hendo beats his **** and u sure cant blame'm lmao!!
  3. CaptinsaneO


    Luke just made his walk of shame back to the locker room. Might very well be exactly what Rockhold needed tonight but not sure cause I thought he made his last ridiculous moment when Vitor did a # on his **** but I guess not. These guys like LH that are gifted with this incredible natural talent and ability and do something this stupid TWICE makes u wonder about their mental capacity. This rates right up there with cat doing a bum rush on Rousey but this was just str8 up arrogance. Jacre and Romero are licking their chops right now. If Bispeng has any smarts himself he should retire tomorrow or even tonight at the presser lol. The money he will make in that one title defense and we all know it will be one and one only, is not worth the embarrassment, retire a champion, it doesn't get any better than that. Save that one good eye and call it a career. Make the rest of ur life about trying to rebuild your family, I must say that Ive never seen kids dislike their old man like BOTH OF HIS BOYS DO!!! Good god Mike how badly do u really treat ur family when the cameras aren't rolling, I felt kind of bad for ya when they show'd that stuff on tv but I guess maybe its the family we should be worried about!!!
  4. I can see no way DC wins this, unless maybe there is divine intervention. Have u ever heard the saying "a fool and his money will soon part ways " ?? Believe it, embrace it and live it and oh yeah thank me later!! Honestly u sound like me, u would really love to see Jones get his azz kicked BIG TIME but u still have to stay in touch with reality !!
  5. Yeah thats the one, where he totally rattled Bis's cage and then walked off leaving him babbling to himself like a little girl, yeah thats it alright mf !!!!
  6. Im a Rochold fan and was very excited for this rematch, after reading the facts on Weidman's injury and having this exact surgery that hes facing, probably a fusion on c6 c7, its a tough one I know he'll have the best surgeon as did I but its still one scary surgery. Range of motion is no problem , just as he was informed but its the nerve damage that could be a problem, this is way more serious than I first heard. Peyton Manning had nerve damage in the same area and he never got his full strength back and with a fighter they're going to need 100% recovery, I wish him all the best !!!
  7. The only thing hes bring'n home is a busted up face and a buttload of SHAME, hopefully not quite as bad as CW, that was over the top. Make no mistake though,Luke will give him a proper send off into retirement in less than 5 minutes but he will get his shot if that's what u want to call it, its going to be a pretty pathetic and sad way to end it. There's some real legit BAD BLOOD between these 2 and Bis really shouldn't of made it worse with his so called banter, that will cost him dearly! That whole interaction between those 2 on UFC TONIGHT will turn out to b a VERY regretful moment for Bis !!
  8. I guess we r lucky ur not a narc cause what I'm about to say u pry wouldn't like as a so called moderator. Did u c the Bispeng and Rockhold interview on UFC Tonight? Rockhold made it very clear to Bisissy that he will make him his " little " and oh yeah said he wont let that punk out of the first round which I think is a lock . As u can imagine Mike didn't handle the truth very well lmao. I dont care if Mikes camp is 1 week or 12, it wont make a bit of difference how fast that fight will end and probably in a brutal fashion !! hope hope anyway!!
  9. I'm sure ur trying to keep a low profile after that ridiculous prediction u came up with. Did Johnny Bones Jones snap u back into reality or do u have some lame excuse to go with ur lame prediction??
  10. U know what screw the flip , the main point is y the hell does CG get first pick every round male and female, a little unfair wouldnt u say, really dont know if it was his f up or how the rules have it, which is really hard to believe. The ONLY other explanation would be some really screwed up editing which is also hard to buy.
  11. it was more a comparison of the next big thing like John Jones an CW. If it was a comparison about the greatest wrestlers he wouldn't of used JJ imo. It was a slight on Rockhold, Rockholds not getting the respect he deserves after that absolute destruction of the X champ in all aspects, even wrestling.You'll soon find out that the so called great CW will never be the same after that first beating he took!! And on the coin incident let me ask u 2 things, 1. Did Dana state Joanna u r the red side of the coin and Claudia u r the other?? Theyre not going to have one side of the coin red and the other orange. COME ON BRO!!LMAO uniforms and coins are 2 different things 2. Did the coin flip come up red?? On the picks,all I know is that Claudia picked first every round that they aired, both male and female fighters. Also when the coin flip ended and meathead told Claudia she won the flip, Joanna looked at her assistants with a wtf just happened look!! Top tier referees and players (NFL) screw up these what seem to be simple coin tosses all the time, its not a stretch by any means that DW also did it.
  12. I dont know if anyone caught it or not on the season premiere of Ultimate Fighter but Dana screwed up the ever so simple but important coin flip. Check it out if u haven't seen the opening episode yet. Dana said ok Joanna your the red side of the coin and Claudia your the other. It clearly came up red and meathead then said its red so CLAUDIA YOU WIN the toss and get your choice of picking your first fighter or who the first fight will be and she chose the fighter. I couldn't believe he screwed it up with a coin that's made to make it simple LMAO!! And whats even worse he then proceeds to let Claudia make the first pick in each round which is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Claudia. Its meant to alternate back and forth after the WINNER of the coin toss gets the very first pick, HUGE F UP!!! What was really priceless was the confused look on Joanna's face as she watched her boss f it up on national tv and they both kept there mouths shut. Check it out, its must see tv!! One other thing I thought was weird is a remark Dana made. There was a LHW fighter named Hawes out of the Jackson camp that trains with JJ. Dana said this kid is said to be the next superstar, in fact hes being compared to superstars like John Jones and Chris Weidman! Why the hell wouldn't they say Luke Rockhold instead of CW, you know Dana, the guy that just beat the liv'n buh-jesus out of CW, I think Dana was high or having a real meathead day.
  13. I sure dont believe someone sadly passing in this sport would worry him enough to retire cause CM has one of the best defensive skills in the game and of course its one of the quickest TAPS in the game, having that move down pat as he does should keep him plenty safe the rest of his career!!
  14. r u being sarcastic or that's what u really think? Hopefully its the first choice ?
  15. Hey I know this is a little off topic but Im going to ask anyway. To any of u pt's or gym rats, I'm hearing as u all r that Jones is even a bigger beast than before, much stronger than before with all this emphasis on lifting weights and WHATEVER so having said that how in the hell does a fighter who was already huge for a LH achieve all that?iTS THE WHATEVER I'd like to know more about? If what they say is true and muscle is heavier than fat, how can he add all this muscle when I dont believe he had much body fat in the old version of JJ?? His legs were already tooth picks so he couldn't get it from there and I sure wouldn't think he could build on his legs and still stay under 205. Now dont misunderstand me, I do believe he has achieved this but I'm just asking HOW THE HELL DID HE DO IT? and please dont tell me its all from this incredibly clean eating and life style change!
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