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  1. Lanolin? Like... sheeps' wool?

  2. I've been watching as well as the after shows. ha
  3. Sup guys and gals! I haven't been on here in forever!! Glad to be back
  4. Soo I saw this on PlayStation Network yesterday and it gave me a good laugh...
  5. I thought you were gone for good. *hoped XD
  6. Ohh hush! Your the one that went out the way to make it a point! lol You enjoy talking **** to me
  7. I almost forgot about my favorite **** talkers!! haha
  8. I must say these are pretty AWESOME! haha
  9. word. it's a new page not posting till I reach a certain amount I assure you my friends won't unlike it. Till then If the page don't work out oh well if it does awesome.
  10. I'm humbled how opinionated and how much you all care negative or positive. It shows how much you care to keep talking **** lol It's facebook they are liking the page for MMA updates. They are aware before liking it it has no news that's why I'm approaching it by asking for help. So far it's decent. Thanks for the concern and remain calm when you see my "spam" on here.
  11. I'm trying to reach a certain amount of likes before I post btw. What an odd way to go about things. Its like opening up a store but wont sell anything till a certain number of people walk into your store Yeah cause facebook is a store? haha
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