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  1. I would stop dumping boxes of plastic straws into the ocean daily, for a couple of goes with them hoes.
  2. If she's willing to put her mouth on your unwashed penis, then pick up the check.
  3. Brainwashed sheep that have their heads up their asses (including yourself). I don't know the solution. If there is one, it probably requires amending the Constitution which is impossible in our current political climate. If you think nobody's tried to do something, you are wrong. Most proposals are just junk. If you think banning assault rifles will stop this, though, you are kidding yourself. People will find whatever means necessary to carry out their goals. Multiple pistols. Bombs in crowded areas. Newly self made weapons... Part of it is how things go viral. Other countries will jail people who cheer the mass shooters, they will jail people who repost videos of mass shootings. Is that something we should do? Is that something that would fly here? I doubt it. I don't want that to happen.
  4. It's funny how people say they don't actually do anything to try to fix the problem. So simple minded.
  5. Lady in wheelchair gets up and walks away. She is cured! Prolly scamming front of line for disabled peeps
  6. Watch both seasons of the runaways on hulu. Was quite underwhelming and slow paced. Could have fit all of that into 10 episodes for better pacing.
  7. I was at a used bookstore, and found a hardcover star wars book that was signed by the author... $1 . Bought it. Dunno if it's any good. Looks a bit meh, but could be fun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Troopers
  8. You are kinda right. I forgot about that turd. I'd say they are about equally bad. The hype of Star Wars made it a bigger disappointment, however. I knew Ghostbusters would be bad before ever seeing it. I knew not to see it in the theater.
  9. No movie that I’ve seen this century has been worse than TLJ. It is the only Star Wars movie that I will not buy.
  10. I thought he was allergic to Mexico. Wont he fall apart more quickly there?
  11. Stop digging yourself into a deeper hole. Do we need an intervention?
  12. Dunno why they don't like him. Probably stuff that he's done off screen? His character in the Justice League movie, however, was very dull. That's on the director/writers, though. Cyborg is a very popular character from the DC cartoons for like the past 20 years, so the character has a lot of fans.
  13. I always imagined fullchan was all trolls. This is terrible. ****ed up. Sadly, the video is very similar to the game i play on the psvr. Firewall zero hour.
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